Friday, July 19, 2013


 It is a difficult time and place we now live.  Certainly, not the same America I was raised to believe in for aspirations of good on so many levels.  I am sure people who know me well have tagged me with many negative labels for being aware in multiple issues.  Many refuse to look, blindly hiding their head in the sand- the "willfully ignorant".  Others are sheep.  Perhaps, some will fit into the lucky percentage that will remain unaffected in any given point, for a while.  In this case (like many other issues), I am ever amazed the capital hill law makers and their aides are exempt from "law" (though not surprised).  Likely, these subsets of humans will never see and/or care. 

 Welcome to the new Amerika.  The place that seems to let go of values we ought to have learned throughout human history. 

 Yet, everywhere I turn, no one can dispute facts that eventually come into the light of day once people's egos and stupidity are personally touched with truth...  When finally, they or someone they care for becomes slapped in the face and broadsided by reality.  "Belief" is not the same as "truth".  Thanks goes to the fates and those enlightened teachers (like my late David) that I can still cling to a "belief"... A hope, in the least, that the next plane in our quantum energy will NOT be touched by the hand of man.  At least our hopes and "beliefs" - be they true and "real" or bigoted and false from ignorance- can not be taken away... Changed only by a new existence.

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