Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Email From Honduran Citizen

Leaked Email From Honduran Citizen Reveals Why Obama Supports Tyranny, not Democracy
09-30-2009  •  The Patriot Update 
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This constitutionally-legal removal from office—for treason—has been called, and continues to be called, a coup by the mainstream media.2 It is a disgrace that our media perpetuates this myth and that Zelaya gets any sympathy from the international community. America’s government should be standing on the side of freedom, not a dictator on a power grab.

Last week, the Library of Congress published a non-partisan report for Congress on whether Zelaya’s removal was constitutional. The report supports the actions of the Honduran government. In fact, the report points out that the Honduran constitution states that a president is automatically removed from office for attempting to change the term limit requirement.3 Liberal blogs are going to town trying to discredit the report, claiming that it has flaws all through it. The bottom line: read the document and stay out of freedom’s movement to stop a want-to-be dictator.

My uncle has been to Honduras several times on missionary trips and has a number of friends there. The following is an email he received that discusses the political situation there. Americans need to make it known that they support the actions of the Honduran government and send a clear message to our press and government to stop fiddling with their democracy. I also encourage you to contact your representatives, senators, and local media and demand that they stop calling this impeachment a coup. Show your support for the democracy of Honduras before it is too late. If we don’t, this may be an indication of where our own county will be heading in a few years.

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Reported by Lori Smith

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