Monday, August 3, 2009

Sniff It First

ANYONE could have a scandalous story built up about them and spread as "truth". This man's convictions to do "right" has the possibility to "convict" him. In today's American circus, do YOU have the testicular fortitude to stand up for ANYTHING right when someone else would find the action to be offensive?

Before you swallow everything mass media puts on your plate, you might do well to sniff it first. I have stepped in it a few times, but never eaten it.

The North Carolinian Jihadist

by Jacob G. Hornberger
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Neighbors of Daniel Boyd, a son of a Marine, are befuddled over his federal indictment on terrorism-related charges. Boyd, who attended a public high school here in Northern Virginia and who now lives in North Carolina, runs a dry-wall business in Raleigh.

The feds are alleging that on the side, Boyd is a terrorist. Charles Casale, a neighbor of Boyd, said, “If he’s a terrorist, he’s the nicest terrorist I ever met in my life.”

Now, mind you, they’re not claiming that Boyd has committed any terrorist attacks here in the United States or has even threatened to do so. In fact, they’re not even claiming that he has ties to al-Qaeda.

"The U.S. government was doing the same thing at the same time."

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