Friday, June 5, 2009

Worst Illnesses of Mankind

It is becoming more clear, day by day... and yet people refuse to see what it is they are looking at.

How anyone can ignore seeking, learning, and knowing truth, is blatantly and willfully ignorant, arrogant, lazy, greedy or any combination of related human faults.

These faults, I say, are the worst illnesses of mankind. It is clearly comparable to when "heretics" claiming the Earth is NOT flat were thrown into the dungeon. I can only hope I see the day in my lifetime when the criminals are made to take their own poisons or at least thrown into a dungeon.

Is it possible for truth to dictate and logic be widespread (opposed to just following the the crowd and/or worshiping money at another's life/expense)? I regret that as long as we have the above "worst illnesses", the answer will be, "No".


ex-Liberal in Hollywood: Doctors Without Boundaries

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"As evidence mounts, I believe that there is probable cause to believe that Robert Gallo and the employees within IHV are engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise that has helped universities and drug companies defraud taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars since at least June 1981.

The fact that I, a retired cop and private investigator, could identify a fraud that the world’s top AIDS researchers and the editors of the most prestigious scientific journals could not (or refused to) identify makes these revelations even more disturbing....."
-Clark Baker

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