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Monsanto’s Goal


What Is Monsanto's Goal?

Is Monsanto's Goal Our Extinction?

Full story and video

(OrganicJar) Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses and bacteria that have been engineered to be immune to antibiotics. Monsanto spends millions of dollars each month to 'sugar' coat and hide the truth of what they are doing or what is really behind how GMO's are made….

This video straight-forwardly explains that scientific facts how Monsanto manufactures their GMO's by removing all the corporate propaganda, the 'smoke and mirrors' if you will.

**Please be warned, the once the mask is removed from what you are eating and feeding your children each day, it will outrage you and shock you to the core.

Monsanto's greed, combined with their quest to totally monopolize all aspects of food on the planet, has knowingly allowed the proverbial Reaper free upon the world.


While America sleeps...

HR 2749 most vicious/insane bill imaginable

Comment from Dave Hodges;
"This article is stunning in its detail and its conveyance of an important message, namely, the Federal Gov. is seeking to control everything. A couple of months ago, I had Barbara on my talk show, and from what she said, I can assure everyone that this is just the tip of the.. You have a true gift."

Not what the American people ordered – HR 2749, martial law and the enslavement of their farmers

Full shocking story

By The Writers’ Collective

Source: Food Freedom

HR 2749 is a strange bill in many ways. While the other “food safety” bills have been around since winter, allowing for much public discussion on the internet, HR 2749 has only suddenly appeared. It is a mutant conglomeration of the worst of the other bills, with the addition of one very original part – martial law.

When it was a draft, it was Waxman’s bill. But once given a number, it became Dingel’s who already had a “food safety” bill, HR 759. So Waxman got none and Dingel got two. (Was this because Waxman, being Jewish, was a hideous choice to introduce a bill with Codex in it – designed by the Nazi pharmaceutical companies that funded Hitler, provided the gas for the gas chambers, experimented on prisoners with vaccines – and is expected to kill millions?)

* HR 2749 would give FDA the power to order a quarantine of a geographic area, including “prohibiting or restricting the movement of food or of any vehicle being used or that has been used to transport or hold such food within the geographic area.”



Listen very closely to the message in and at the end of the video that is in this link.... It is only too convenient that not only did Ezekiel Emanuel "suddenly have to leave the briefing" (what? Only after a couple of minutes he can not schedule enough time or did he have sudden diarrhea?), but further, Historian Anton Chaitkin raises a question through critical thinking, is shot down and ignored.

Ignoring questions is a policy that started with the outrageous self appointed "Desider". Being increasingly used by anyone under the current administration that does not want to answer any questions regarding important and possibly "exposing" information. Follow example of the [choke] "leader"... The government no longer has integrity to the public through "checks and balances" when everyone is on one side of the scale.

My idea of what a fascist, dictatorship would do.

Ezekiel Emanuel states his reputation has been "besmirched" (brings a tear to my eye) and claims a record of writing against euthanasia. But then, people will "change" when it is convenient, profitable, or by pressure... As this second video link also exposes, oh yes, "We Can" change. There were other video links that I had, sadly and very conveniently they have been made "unavailable". So much for "transparency". I expect these too will soon disappear, in the name of national security or some such other BS.

Obama’s Depopulation Policy Exposed

June 28, 2009 By: Freedom Fighter Category: Uncategorized

Panelists warn of the revival of eugenics under Obamas modern healthcare through the denial of care to millions who would be judged not fit to live, just as in Nazi Germany.

Historian Anton Chaitkin also alleges that Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, in working with Obama, has also called for the Hippocratic oath to be junked. Ezekiel Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Israael Emanuel And Son of a Well Know Israeli Terrorist.’


Think you know what "terrorism" means? Sometimes terrorism is in the eye of the beholder.
Larken Rose
The politicians are constantly trying to scare us with the specter of "terrorism." Too bad most Americans have never thought about what the term actually means.

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What It Feels Like To Be A Libertarian

Why is it so many refuse to see any truth, even when it slaps them in the face? Perhaps, this is why the libertarian "party", "truthers", and even "constitutional purists" can not get into political power....

What It Feels Like To Be A Libertarian

by John Hasnas
full story

"Cassandra’s curse was to always tell the truth about the future, but never be believed. If you add to that curse that she would be ridiculed, derided, and shunned for making her predictions, you have a pretty fair approximation of what it feels like to be a libertarian."


Dr. Ron Paul: No Longer the Lone Ranger
by Justin Williams
Campaign For Liberty
Thu, Jun 25th, 2009 12:00:00 am

Source: Campaign For Liberty

In 1983, largely due to the policies of the Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and President Ronald Reagan, the American people were finally rid of the burden of astronomical inflation. The policy of the Carter Administration attempting to offset unemployment with having the Federal Reserve print money was at last at an end.

At the same time, a fresh-faced congressman named Ron Paul (R-TX) decided that because of this, it was a good opportunity to investigate the very institution that had helped wreak havoc on the economy with runaway inflation. That same year, he proposed H.R. 877 a bill that would allow the General Accounting Office (GAO) to audit the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Advisory Council, the Federal Open Market Committee, and the Fed banks and branches themselves.

Dr. Paul was able to garner only 18 co-sponsors on that bill, which died with little to no support. Like many of his bills, supporting liberty and transparency, it was sent to committee where it ultimately met its slow and unheralded death.

But, that was then and this is now. With the Federal Reserve, loose monetary policy, and impending inflation making headlines in the mainstream media, more attention is finally being paid to a near identical bill -- H.R. 1207 -- that Congressman Paul reintroduced in February of this year.

Already, just four months later, H.R. 1207 has a staggering 237 co-sponsors. And now a full-blown audit of the shadowy, secretive bureaucracy that Wall Street Journal writer Steve Moore, in an interview with the Washington News Observer (WNO) calls, "a threat to representative government," appears imminent.

The fact is, the history of the Federal Reserve is one that can be easily summarized with a foggy picture of Soviet-style central planning causing major booms and busts since the entity's inception in 1913. For example, in a recent WNO interview, Dr. Paul characterizes the Federal Reserve as being the creator of "the inflation of World War I, the depression of 1921, the inflation of the 1920s, and the Depression of the 1930s and on and on."

Paul compares these events -- each caused at least in part by the Fed's loose money policies -- to the current situation with the credit and housing crises, which have put the nation into a deep recession.

The purpose of the Paul bill, now gathering support, is to help Congress and the American people prevent another financial disaster due to the Fed's constant policy of offering loose credit and encouraging bad lending practices. Plus, it will enable Congress to keep an eye on the current bailout money in order to prevent abuse and fraud.

One issue the bill's sponsors on either side of the aisle seem to be in lockstep agreement on: the government-granted monopoly over one of the most important units of currency is way too much power to leave to an unelected body that, in one swift action with the printing press, could destroy a nation.

Now the former 2008 Presidential candidate, who was characterized in the media as being insane for bringing up reform in the area of monetary policy, is finding plenty of support. Or as Dr. Paul said in his interview, all of a sudden more than a quarter century after he first proposed it, ". . . now it is popular to get transparency of the Fed."

It is as if "everything old is new again" -- only this time, with teeth in it.

Justin Williams is a Contributing Editor at Americans for Limited Government. He is a graduate in Economics at George Mason University who specializes in Austrian and Public Choice Economics.

This originally appeared at the blog for Americans for Limited Government.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food

Spilling the Beans, May 20, 2009 

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Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food


By Jeffrey M. Smith


On May 19th, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called on "Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks."[1] They called for a moratorium on GM foods, long-term independent studies, and labeling. AAEM's position paper stated, "Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food," including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. They conclude, "There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation," as defined by recognized scientific criteria. "The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies."


More and more doctors are already prescribing GM-free diets. Dr. Amy Dean, a Michigan internal medicine specialist, and board member of AAEM says, "I strongly recommend patients eat strictly non-genetically modified foods." Ohio allergist Dr. John Boyles says "I used to test for soy allergies all the time, but now that soy is genetically engineered, it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it."


Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, President of AAEM, says, "Physicians are probably seeing the effects in their patients, but need to know how to ask the right questions." World renowned biologist Pushpa M. Bhargava goes one step further. After reviewing more than 600 scientific journals, he concludes that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a major contributor to the sharply deteriorating health of Americans.


Pregnant women and babies at great risk


Among the population, biologist David Schubert of the Salk Institute warns that "children are the most likely to be adversely effected by toxins and other dietary problems" related to GM foods. He says without adequate studies, the children become "the experimental animals."[2]


The experience of actual GM-fed experimental animals is scary. When GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks—compared to a 10% death rate among the control group fed natural soy.[3] The GM-fed babies were also smaller, and later had problems getting pregnant.[4]


When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles actually changed color—from the normal pink to dark blue.[5] Mice fed GM soy had altered young sperm.[6] Even the embryos of GM fed parent mice had significant changes in their DNA.[7] Mice fed GM corn in an Austrian government study had fewer babies, which were also smaller than normal.[8]


Reproductive problems also plague livestock. Investigations in the state of Haryana, India revealed that most buffalo that ate GM cottonseed had complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, infertility, and prolapsed uteruses. Many calves died. In the US, about two dozen farmers reported thousands of pigs became sterile after consuming certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies; others gave birth to bags of water. Cows and bulls also became infertile when fed the same corn.[9]


In the US population, the incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating.


Food designed to produce toxin


GM corn and cotton are engineered to produce their own built-in pesticide in every cell. When bugs bite the plant, the poison splits open their stomach and kills them. Biotech companies claim that the pesticide, called Bt—produced from soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis—has a history of safe use, since organic farmers and others use Bt bacteria spray for natural insect control. Genetic engineers insert Bt genes into corn and cotton, so the plants do the killing.

The Bt-toxin produced in GM plants, however, is thousands of times more concentrated than natural Bt spray, is designed to be more toxic,[10] has properties of an allergen, and unlike the spray, cannot be washed off the plant.

Moreover, studies confirm that even the less toxic natural bacterial spray is harmful. When dispersed by plane to kill gypsy moths in the Pacific Northwest, about 500 people reported allergy or flu-like symptoms. Some had to go to the emergency room.[11],[12]

The exact same symptoms are now being reported by farm workers throughout India, from handling Bt cotton.[13] In 2008, based on medical records, the Sunday India reported, "Victims of itching have increased massively this year . . . related to BT cotton farming."[14]


GMOs provoke immune reactions


AAEM states, "Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation," including increase in cytokines, which are "associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation"—all on the rise in the US.


According to GM food safety expert Dr. Arpad Pusztai, changes in the immune status of GM animals are "a consistent feature of all the studies."[15] Even Monsanto's own research showed significant immune system changes in rats fed Bt corn.[16] A November 2008 by the Italian government also found that mice have an immune reaction to Bt corn.[17]

GM soy and corn each contain two new proteins with allergenic properties,[18] GM soy has up to seven times more trypsin inhibitor—a known soy allergen,[19] and skin prick tests show some people react to GM, but not to non-GM soy.[20] Soon after GM soy was introduced to the UK, soy allergies skyrocketed by 50%. Perhaps the US epidemic of food allergies and asthma is a casualty of genetic manipulation.


Animals dying in large numbers


In India, animals graze on cotton plants after harvest. But when shepherds let sheep graze on Bt cotton plants, thousands died. Post mortems showed severe irritation and black patches in both intestines and liver (as well as enlarged bile ducts). Investigators said preliminary evidence "strongly suggests that the sheep mortality was due to a toxin. . . . most probably Bt-toxin."[21] In a small follow-up feeding study by the Deccan Development Society, all sheep fed Bt cotton plants died within 30 days; those that grazed on natural cotton plants remained healthy.


In a small village in Andhra Pradesh, buffalo grazed on cotton plants for eight years without incident. On January 3rd, 2008, the buffalo grazed on Bt cotton plants for the first time. All 13 were sick the next day; all died within 3 days.[22]


Bt corn was also implicated in the deaths of cows in Germany, and horses, water buffaloes, and chickens in The Philippines.[23]


In lab studies, twice the number of chickens fed Liberty Link corn died; 7 of 20 rats fed a GM tomato developed bleeding stomachs; another 7 of 40 died within two weeks.[24] Monsanto's own study showed evidence of poisoning in major organs of rats fed Bt corn, according to top French toxicologist G. E. Seralini.[25]


Worst finding of all—GMOs remain inside of us


The only published human feeding study revealed what may be the most dangerous problem from GM foods. The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function.[26] This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.


When evidence of gene transfer is reported at medical conferences around the US, doctors often respond by citing the huge increase of gastrointestinal problems among their patients over the last decade. GM foods might be colonizing the gut flora of North Americans.


Warnings by government scientists ignored and denied


Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had warned about all these problems even in the early 1990s. According to documents released from a lawsuit, the scientific consensus at the agency was that GM foods were inherently dangerous, and might create hard-to-detect allergies, poisons, gene transfer to gut bacteria, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged their superiors to require rigorous long-term tests.[27] But the White House had ordered the agency to promote biotechnology and the FDA responded by recruiting Michael Taylor, Monsanto's former attorney, to head up the formation of GMO policy. That policy, which is in effect today, denies knowledge of scientists' concerns and declares that no safety studies on GMOs are required. It is up to Monsanto and the other biotech companies to determine if their foods are safe. Mr. Taylor later became Monsanto's vice president.


Dangerously few studies, untraceable diseases


AAEM states, "GM foods have not been properly tested" and "pose a serious health risk." Not a single human clinical trial on GMOs has been published. A 2007 review of published scientific literature on the "potential toxic effects/health risks of GM plants" revealed "that experimental data are very scarce." The author concludes his review by asking, "Where is the scientific evidence showing that GM plants/food are toxicologically safe, as assumed by the biotechnology companies?"[28]


Famed Canadian geneticist David Suzuki answers, "The experiments simply haven't been done and we now have become the guinea pigs." He adds, "Anyone that says, 'Oh, we know that this is perfectly safe,' I say is either unbelievably stupid or deliberately lying."[29]


Dr. Schubert points out, "If there are problems, we will probably never know because the cause will not be traceable and many diseases take a very long time to develop." If GMOs happen to cause immediate and acute symptoms with a unique signature, perhaps then we might have a chance to trace the cause.


This is precisely what happened during a US epidemic in the late 1980s. The disease was fast acting, deadly, and caused a unique measurable change in the blood—but it still took more than four years to identify that an epidemic was even occurring. By then it had killed about 100 Americans and caused 5,000-10,000 people to fall sick or become permanently disabled. It was caused by a genetically engineered brand of a food supplement called L-tryptophan.


If other GM foods are contributing to the rise of autism, obesity, diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, allergies, reproductive problems, or any other common health problem now plaguing Americans, we may never know. In fact, since animals fed GMOs had such a wide variety of problems, susceptible people may react to GM food with multiple symptoms. It is therefore telling that in the first nine years after the large scale introduction of GM crops in 1996, the incidence of people with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled, from 7% to 13%.[30]


To help identify if GMOs are causing harm, the AAEM asks their "members, the medical community, and the independent scientific community to gather case studies potentially related to GM food consumption and health effects, begin epidemiological research to investigate the role of GM foods on human health, and conduct safe methods of determining the effect of GM foods on human health."


Citizens need not wait for the results before taking the doctors advice to avoid GM foods. People can stay away from anything with soy or corn derivatives, cottonseed and canola oil, and sugar from GM sugar beets—unless it says organic or "non-GMO." There is a pocket Non-GMO Shopping Guide, co-produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology and the Center for Food Safety, which is available as a download, as well as in natural food stores and in many doctors' offices.


If even a small percentage of people choose non-GMO brands, the food industry will likely respond as they did in Europe—by removing all GM ingredients. Thus, AAEM's non-GMO prescription may be a watershed for the US food supply.



International bestselling author and independent filmmaker Jeffrey M. Smith is the Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and the leading spokesperson on the health dangers of GMOs. His first book, Seeds of Deception is the world's bestselling book on the subject. His second, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, identifies 65 risks of GMOs and demonstrates how superficial government approvals are not competent to find most of them. He invited the biotech industry to respond in writing with evidence to counter each risk, but correctly predicted that they would refuse, since they don't have the data to show that their products are safe.



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Monsanto threatens and kills, a su salud

How Monsanto kills the news
"When it comes to food[*], it would be in your best interest to realize that you are being lied to on a daily basis."
10 minute Video

*This video involves only one subject outlining the affronts to all Mother Earth. The range of topics related in similar fashion are staggering. This is ever more true in all industry- Pharmaceutical, Political, Medical, Veterinary, Water "treatment", Nuclear energy ... and ON and ON... (just pick any topic) as examples have been posted in my archives of Worth Mother Earth

Lies are
now taught, directed, manipulated and enforced either directly through multiple forms of propaganda or encouraged by successful blatant violations from "powers that be" and "trusted experts or officials" in every profession.

The self evident brainwashing lesson to an ignorant or morally deficient individual, corporation and public?

  • It is more important to gain revenue and power over anyone or anything, rather than offer a good, safe, affordable and honest product or service. Profit over truth. Power over the ignorant slave. Thus, violating health and eventually destroying trust... Further, abandoning all integrity towards mankind and, indeed, all the multifaceted precious entities of life systems in the only place we have to live- Earth.

"Love it or leave it"? I would, if there were only somewhere to go. A place where greedy, bureaucratic, bigoted, psychopaths have no rule... Alas, the "lesson" is employed and accepted everywhere I look. Change must occur here and at any point we stand through educating the ones that do not know. By not playing their game anymore, not supporting anything they stand for through any means possible.

su salud, à votre santé, für Ihre Gesundheit, per la salute, あなたの健康に, 당신의 건강을 위해, para a sua saúde, لصحتك, 你的健康, ...

"to your health"
... Patrick


(The only legitimate function of government)
No one gasped in shock when Obama said he was committed to the will of the people
by Craig J. Cantoni
Full story

"... a moral government is not necessarily a government that reflects the will of the people. Rather, a moral government is one that protects the rights of the individual, especially against the transgressions of the majority."

"Such a government wouldn't allow a woman to be stoned for adultery just because a majority believes that Allah says it's okay."


LA Times story
linked to;
Politicians share personality traits with serial killers
06-19-2009  •  LA Times (h/t Butler Shaffer) 
[well, duh!] Kouri with the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, assembled traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse and manipulation of others are common to psychopathic serial killers.

But they are also common to American politicians.


Seen here
and linked to this story;

Baxter Expects to Deliver A/H1N1 Vaccine to WHO by July
06-19-2009  •  Pharmabiz 
If you trust a company that was caught red-handed shipping out vaccines containing live avian flu virus enough to take their swine flu vaccine, then good luck to you. We’ll be politely declining.


pdf file
"How tied in with ACORN is Barack
Very, but since ACORN began to receive a
mountain of adverse publicity in September
related to vote fraud allegations, the senator
has tried to distance himself from the

Friday, June 5, 2009

Worst Illnesses of Mankind

It is becoming more clear, day by day... and yet people refuse to see what it is they are looking at.

How anyone can ignore seeking, learning, and knowing truth, is blatantly and willfully ignorant, arrogant, lazy, greedy or any combination of related human faults.

These faults, I say, are the worst illnesses of mankind. It is clearly comparable to when "heretics" claiming the Earth is NOT flat were thrown into the dungeon. I can only hope I see the day in my lifetime when the criminals are made to take their own poisons or at least thrown into a dungeon.

Is it possible for truth to dictate and logic be widespread (opposed to just following the the crowd and/or worshiping money at another's life/expense)? I regret that as long as we have the above "worst illnesses", the answer will be, "No".


ex-Liberal in Hollywood: Doctors Without Boundaries

Full story and related posts

"As evidence mounts, I believe that there is probable cause to believe that Robert Gallo and the employees within IHV are engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise that has helped universities and drug companies defraud taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars since at least June 1981.

The fact that I, a retired cop and private investigator, could identify a fraud that the world’s top AIDS researchers and the editors of the most prestigious scientific journals could not (or refused to) identify makes these revelations even more disturbing....."
-Clark Baker

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thought Crimes

Thinking About What is Coming?

OH, thats right YOU are not effected... yet. Sorry, go back to sheep, uhh I mean, sleep. Stand in line and do not rock the boat, slave, or desire truth. Watch the petty diversions cast out and for (someone else's) God's sake... do not THINK!

I was brought up to know that it does not inherently matter what others think I think. Nor should it matter to me what someone else thinks. "Live and let live", it was... "In the old days" it was your personal actions that defined your "convictions" (in "legal terms", anyway). Now, actions are non-admissible evidence to laws, for some anyway. Look through some archives. Looks like now anyone that creates a "ruckus" (especially regarding injustice) can be convicted for thought, and with no judicial recourse.

Some are all hung up on closing one place called Guantanamo Bay? What crust! We now face a Gitmo around every corner in America! How convenient for the Emperor and his court jesters... No overseas travel required. I guess this eliminates the need for those clumsy to assemble, annoying to move, easily visible, and equally UN-Constitutional "free-speech zones" and public cages that have been used before....

When did personal thought automatically BECOME exoteric. ("Exoteric" relates to "external reality" as opposed to one's own thoughts or feelings.) Oh, there was that movie with Tom Cruise.... science fiction, I thought. (oops, Can I still say; "I thought"?)

Your God,... Bless this Wonderful government in place to save us from people who think. Good thing the founding fathers did it.... Me thinks, How interesting we have been told to stop it.

Ted Rall: It’s increasingly evident that Obama should resign

Posted May 29, 2009
Full story
Patrick added bold and italics

  • If a cop or other government official thinks you might want to commit a crime someday, you could be held in “prolonged detention.”

  • In practice, Obama wants to let government goons snatch you, me and anyone else they deem annoying off the street.

  • Preventive detention is the classic defining characteristic of a military dictatorship. Because dictatorial regimes rely on fear rather than consensus, their priority is self-preservation rather than improving their people’s lives. They worry obsessively over the one thing they can’t control, what George Orwell called “thoughtcrime” — contempt for rulers that might someday translate to direct action.