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"It is my opinion at this time, there is no more reliable source for information that could give your pets healthier and happier life than through careful individual study, beginning with her [Susan Thixton] web site."-
Patrick Wood, 05-2009
contributing to;

After uncovering some dramatic false claims being pushed through multifaceted and relentless propaganda in mainstream HUMAN health care, I began to search relationships in areas that, logically, could effect my pet's health. It does not take "rocket science professionals" to connect the dots. Perhaps just someone that cares enough to look. Relationships of these "dots" relate clearly. From the out of control pharmaceutical industry greedily pushing pet drugs for illness that can be linked to toxic responses,... from lack of concerned companies and governmental agencies which promote or allow deceptive labeling of food and it's indiscernible ingredients, to any possibly ignorant veterinarian's "care".

I began to think of the time when I was growing up with childhood pets. I was, from an early age, quite close to nature and have been a keen observer of it. The animals I (and all my friend's) had were always healthy (with the exception of one of my dogs that got loose and chased a car). I recall early on, we virtually never had to go to the vet. Our pets lived long and vibrantly without drawn out illnesses or painful passing, on their part anyway. Our family has lost 5 very young pets in the last 5 years, all due (according to our previous vet) to some "mystery" or "genetic disposition".

Some 46+ years after receiving my first pet, I began to awaken to the world that is less altruistic than I thought or had come to believe. I was to become aware of an unnatural process that has been slowly and silently evolving, concerning us all. Illness (virtually always caused by some form of greed and/or ignorance) vs. natural health (requiring education against ignorance). My observations have been that more and more "problems" keep emerging. Unheard of illnesses "all of a sudden" complicating continued, long term health of human, animal, I dare say, the entire varied planet populous.

My study in school and private researches thereafter have found, in general
, most problems/illnesses do not occur "all of a sudden". They are the culmination of wide ranges of problems (toxic introduction, nutritionally deficient foods, abusive environmental aspects, etc...) either neglected or unknown. Willful or not. These alone or in combination with one another come to dramatically effect health, long before they manifest into a "dis-ease" of any life force. Before the entity responds in self defense, or by succumbing to the odds. Any one of these subjects, and many others, could be (and have) entered into long debate with substantial evidences to truth usually hidden. Issues of "what" the causes are, are academic. Furthermore, as I stated before I believe "why" to be rooted in greed and/or ignorance.

Most important to enlighten these (what and why), when examined is; "Whom is to profit?" Tracing this single question usually points to the answer and problematic "roots". Answers about everything from (but certainly not limited to); what IS food, goes into food, mainstream "care" dogmas, companies that pay for "acceptable/positive" results in testing their own products, the industries/agencies they partner with, etc... Propaganda bought and paid for, while an ignorant public places unwitting trust in the very sheep herder that generally looks to fleece them. While partnering with fence, feed, and sheer makers, if you follow.


Susan Thixton ( opens eyes, doors, and many a "can of worms" on varied issues regarding pet health.... I found her site when I began to search for alternative health care information for my own pets. She is unbiased in writing, aside to expose truth. Her educated and documented findings are available for anyone to examine. She informs without use of "fear-mongering" (like too many do today) to sell a gimmicky product. Her articles and web site provide any person wishing to enhance, improve, and insure a much healthier pet, the resources to do so. She is willing to investigate truth, and false propaganda, no matter whom it may involve and updates information regularly. I believe integrity such as this is generally becoming an all but lost attribute of humanity, sadly to all our expense.

Thixton's site offers discriminating suggestion, supported by evidence and logic. She, moreover, encourages the reader to become proactive in discovering truths concerning pet health and general veterinary care of the companion animal. The virtue of her work is immediately apparent and genuine.
I have followed her postings for some time and taken effort to substantiate it in different areas on my own. I have written to her and received a personal response every time. It is my opinion at this time, there is no more reliable source for information that could give your pets healthier and happier life than through careful individual study, beginning with her web site.

Examination and extensive coverage of issues and many commentaries provoking thought are found there. All aspects in the topic of pet health can be found in her archives, detailing many times, inquiries written (and responses or NOT) of the FDA, EPA, individual companies, and government officials who seem more concerned with political correctness and pocket book than health of anyone, much less our beloved friends that rely solely on us for proper care.

I encourage everyone who is a discerning pet owner to follow her articles. I would suggest, especially if you do not "have the time", to make the time to examine her work by signing up for her free email news letters. I have found them invaluable in addition to my own efforts and personal researches on these related topics. My personal "Thanks, with deepest gratitude" to Susan for helping and the long hours involved. "Thanks" for furthering education or attention in areas that may have passed me by. Perhaps, some issues I may not have noticed or were "covered up" due to bureaucratic
selfish concern for the welfare of corporate gain.

My "companion" family shows me their thanks everyday.

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