Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monsanto Connections

Grandmother Scores Huge Victory over Monsanto

Sun May 03, 2009

[referenced in previous diary, "The Monsanto Connection"]

We are having trouble figuring out why Monsanto made Percy Schmeiser a hero for the growing movement against GMOs, but we don’t have to look very far to find out why Monsanto director of public affairs Brad Mitchell is debating Linn Cohen-Cole, a Grandmother on Opednews.

The Monsanto Connection

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Thu Apr 30, 2009

I recently published an article "Grandmother Scores Huge Victory over Monsanto".

The article was a magnet for controversy because I claimed the best way to fight Monsanto and HR 875 was by growing your own food and saving seeds.

Linn Cohen-Cole, the libertarian grandmother at the forefront of the anti-HR 875 campaign called me "dangerous" for fostering complacency by encouraging readers to grow their own food instead of send e-mails and faxes...that no one reads.


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