Sunday, May 24, 2009

Government strangleholds; now water

Blowing my mind daily

Patrick Wood

Excuse me...slave. Can I take up the slack in that noose that is already been tightened around your neck?

The stories linked below are only showing perfect example, I believe, of a narcissistic politician with too much time on their hands looking to make something of themselves... ANYTHING to warrant their pathetic existence... no matter how inherently stupid,
characteristically reckless of the Constitution, and as is infamously typical of vague or "blanket" wording. "For your own good", of course... Bull....

If allowed to pass, this type of "law" can ONLY result
in seriously oppressing all general public welfare and private land owner rights. Furthermore if allowed, this is perfect example of how ignorant, stupid and cowardly the American people have come to be.

Perhaps if the Good Congressmen would stop trying to create more bills, they would have time to READ the volumes of bills already before them and then,... wait for it... THINK just a freaking little.... Perhaps then they would be less ignorant to what it is they sign.

But then THAT could be regarded as "responsible".... We can not have any of that in our government, now can we? What the hell are they putting in the water congress is drinking? Oh yeah, I remember now.... Actions in government are no accident, "over sight", or misguided belief.

The reasonable conclusion can only be; they are obviously running our country (with it's citizens) into the ground purposely. "Someone" (or group) must have some real coercive and compelling power over our (choke) "elected" officials. Why else would everything coming out of their offices be harming the "little man" while granting lavish "bonuses" and further giving powerful careers to the creators of havoc and destruction?

It is the American citizen that drinks toxic waste from the well of slavery. Eat well, subservient toiler, tainted crumbs the master (you created) will still allow. You daily bind into servitude not only your life but those that you claim to love.


US: Federal government moves to control all water sources, including "prarie potholes" - no kidding. Add to that control over all food and ... well, you get the idea.
American Daughter 2009 May 10 (Cached)

  • Democrats [government, generally] aim to control every drop of water in the country, under the guise of dealing with pollution. A bill to “clarify the jurisdiction of the United States over waters of the United States” has been introduced in the Senate.

Yet another steaming crock o'shite
by Mark Yannone
story and video

This video [Blatant lies about private property rights] is another one of those deceptive products of Congress intended to make you think that Congress has far more power than it does. Your brain would have to be flatlining under the influence of Splenda (sucralose) or punched full of holes by Equal (aspartame) to fall for this crap.


Will Monsanto be Exempt?

Over the past century, global water supplies have been contaminated with the full gamut of Monsanto's chemicals, including PCBs, dioxin and glyophosate (Roundup). So now the company, seeing a profitable market niche, is taking control of the public water resources they polluted, filtering it, and selling it back to the people. In short, Monsanto is making a double profit by polluting the world's scarce freshwater resources, privately taking ownership of that water, filtering it, and selling it back to those who can afford to pay for it.

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