Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gm's bail out for greed, Costs of war

So, stupid, (I am speaking to most of America) how much more government spending are you going to take, hook, line and sinker? Most of you are too damn dumb to get it... You believe every thing shoved through that propaganda box in the living room. So sad to see us ALL go down, caused by the few greedy, narcissistic, ass-hats running the show and the stupid sheep that are just willing to believe any B-S they are told by neutered news "reporters". More accurately put; propaganda puppets.

Gm wants 15 billion
"all of a sudden" for failing? How much, for how long do you have to FAIL before you go into bankruptcy? 15 billion must have happened over night.... you must be stupid enough to swallow that. Anyone else with a company would have had it's doors closed, ages ago. Or did the oil companies "help" them along? Oops, sorry, I asked you to think, again.

The Company That Flushed Itself Down the Toilet

by Mark Yannone

Who Killed the Electric Car? is about a very popular, unadvertised automobile that freed America from its dependency on oil. This fascinating and enlightening documentary shows how the General Motors car was literally squashed and shredded by GM and the oil companies with the complicity of the federal government...
GM "likely" to build factories in China while closing U.S. factories. If so, bailout money from U.S taxpayers will be used for construction.
2009 Apr 20 (Cached)

If you are not too damned lazy or "busy", watch a 13 minute fact informational video.
The cost of war......... Video

"What we've shown the world is that a sole superpower, without any opponent in sight can spend ... $800 billion, long-term costs may be more in the vicinity of $3 trillion, that we can lose 5,000 Americans, that we see another 30,000 injured, and this tremendous expenditure cannot stabilize two countries, who, together, comprise about one percent of the world population."
~ Carl Conetta, Co-Director of The Project On Defense Alternatives

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