Saturday, April 25, 2009

FEMA and martial law

Most people don't know what FEMA is. Most of those who do know that it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency mistakenly believe it is a federal agency whose mission is to assist local communities hit by natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.). That is the purpose for which it was originally established. But it was reorganized in 1991 for other purposes entirely. Since reorganization, 7 percent of its budget has been dedicated for those original functions. The remaining 93 percent is used for activities related to law enforcement and population control.....

If all this sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, listen to this sheriff in a county near Chicago. Does he sound like a conspiracy nut to you? Or does he sound like a real live citizen sheriff who is concerned about what he sees going on right under our noses? Notice the context in which he says "but the law says you have to be involved in this." [..."We are just laying it all out there for them."] What most sheriffs don't know is that they have more constitutional authority than the federal government has. Sadly, most sheriffs are political puppets.

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