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Monsanto's Health Hazards Become Personal Threats

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Monsanto Creates Epidemics; Argentina, Australia, US

Gee, do you think this unscrupulous and dangerous company is having a few problems? And exactly why is it so many other countries have banned their poisonous products and seeds of destruction?

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GMO's and Health


Scientist Warning of Health Hazards of Monsanto's Herbicide Receives Threats

1.Threats to scientist
2.Herbicide Used in Argentina Could Cause Birth Defects

1.Threats to scientist

There are reports coming our of Argentina of attempts to intimidate the lead researcher of the study showing that Roundup - the glyphosate herbicide developed by Monsanto, could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses.

The lead researcher for the new study, carried out in Argentina where Roundup is used on a massive scale in conjunction with GM herbicide-resistant soy, is embryology professor, Dr. Andres Carrasco.

Dr. Carrasco has worked for nearly thirty years in embryonic development, and was President and Assistant Secretary of Conicet (The National Commission for Scientific Research) and now works at the Defence Ministry in the Science and Technology innovation department. He apparently conducted the experiments in his laboratory of molecular embryology, based at the Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires.

Dr. Carrasco has warned that the doses of herbicide used in his study "were much lower than the levels used in the fumigations," and so the situation "is much more serious" that the study suggests because "glyphosate does not degrade".

According to an article in the Argentine press, after news about the study broke, Dr. Carrasco was the victim of an act of intimidation, when four men arrived at his laboratory in the Faculty of Medicine and acted extremely aggressively.

Two of the men were said to be members of an agrochemical industry body but refused to give their names. The other two claimed to be a lawyer and notary. They apparently interrogated Dr. Carrasco and demanded to see details of the experiments. They left a card Basílico, Andrada & Santurio, attorneys on behalf of Felipe Alejandro Noël.

Dr. Carrasco also reports being subjected to offensive phone calls and there have been disparaging references to his research in newspapers with links to agribusiness. Dr. Carrasco however is resisting the intimidation, saying, "If I know something, I will not shut my mouth."

The news report in Spanish is available at

2.Herbicide Used in Argentina Could Cause Birth Defects
Latin American Herald Tribune

BUENOS AIRES ­ The herbicide used on genetically modified soy ­ Argentina's main crop ­ could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, according to the results of a scientific investigation released Monday.

Although the study "used amphibian embryos," the results "are completely comparable to what would happen in the development of a human embryo," embryology professor Andres Carrasco, one of the study's authors, told Efe.

"The noteworthy thing is that there are no studies of embryos on the world level and none where glyphosate is injected into embryos," said the researcher with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory.

The doses of herbicide used in the study "were much lower than the levels used in the fumigations," and so the situation "is much more serious" that the study suggests because "glyphosate does not degrade," Carrasco warned.

In Argentina, farmers each year use between 180 and 200 million liters of glyphosate, which was developed by the multinational Monsanto and sold in the United States under the brand name Roundup.

Carrasco said that the research found that "pure glyphosate, in doses lower than those used in fumigation, causes defects ... (and) could be interfering in some normal embryonic development mechanism having to do with the way in which cells divide and die."

"The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate is healthier than drinking a glass of milk, but the fact is that they've used us as guinea pigs," he said.

He gave as an example what occurred in Ituzaingo, a district where 5,000 people live on the outskirts of the central Argentine city of Cordoba, where over the past eight years about 300 cases of cancer associated with fumigations with pesticides have turned up.

"In communities like Ituzaingo it's already too late, but we have to have a preventive system, to demand that the companies give us security frameworks and, above all, to have very strict regulations for fumigation, which nobody is adhering to out of ignorance or greed," he said.

The researcher also said that, apart from the research he carried out, "there has to be a serious study" on the effects of glyphosate on human beings, adding that "the state has all the mechanisms for that."

In the face of the volley of judicial complaints related to the disproportionate use of agrochemicals in the cultivation of GM soy, last February the Health Ministry created a group to investigate the problem in four Argentine provinces.

Argentina is the world's third-largest exporter of soy.

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"Freedom from tyranny is always "illegal"..."

The Motionless Movement

by Larken Rose

First, the good news: The pro-freedom "movement" is seeing a dramatic growth spurt. All sorts of people, from all walks of life, are coming to realize that our "protector" government is the main thing that we need to be protected from. In fact, by all appearances, the movement is growing by leaps and bounds, especially among the younger generations. However ...

What I see in the movement, including what I saw at Saturday's "End the Fed" event, leaves me with mixed emotions. In my brief comments there, I didn't want to be too blatant, lest I offend both the organizers and the spectators of the event, but the truth is, most of what the "movement" is focusing on is pointless and doomed to fail. The problem is this: Most people have been trained to view obedience as a virtue and have been taught to take pride in the fact that they are "law-abiding taxpayers" who "play by the rules." And this is just as true of most of the people in the "movement." As a direct result, they are focusing all of their energies on electing this or that candidate, or on lobbying for or against this or that legislation. In short, they continue to focus on asking tyrants to please give us permission to be free. And the message that that sends to those in government, more than whatever the people are actually "demanding," is this: "We agree that we cannot be free without your blessing!"

Throughout most of the world, throughout most of history, saying what you think has been "illegal"; having the means to defend yourself has been "illegal"; in fact, anything other than unquestioning obedience to authority has been "illegal." The vast majority of oppression and tyranny in history was done "legally." But what does that even mean? All it means is that, before stomping on the peasants, the tyrants would formally proclaim, "We have the right to do this to you." Likewise, resisting tyrannical governments has always been "illegal." In fact, how could it not be? What tyrant would be so stupid as to say, "It's okay, you're allowed to disobey me"? But as obvious as that is, most people are still so indoctrinated into the notion that obedience to authority is a moral imperative, that even most of those who claim to be freedom-fighters frequently end their "demands" with "as long as it's not illegal." In other words, they will do all manner of noble fighting for justice, as long as they have the tyrants' permission to do so. Well, duh. What good has that ever accomplished?

Quite a few people have, in the past few years, complained that I have "gone too far" with the whole "anarchy thing." You see, they want a solution "within the system," a way to change "the law" to restore our freedoms. They fail to notice the obvious logical contradiction: If you need the permission of "law" to be free, then by definition, you're not free. It's classic slave mentality: If you're waiting around for your master to tell you that you're allowed to be free (and how likely is that to happen?) then you are accepting your enslavement as just and legitimate. As such, you don't really believe in freedom; you just want a nicer master.

I can't decide if it's encouraging or depressing to watch a room full of people "demanding" that their masters pass a "law" to let the people be free. And, whether out of fear or retaliation, or out of existential fear of not being good, obedient subjects, those people constantly throw in the qualifiers, "not violently, of course," or "not by doing anything illegal, of course." Why not? Obtaining freedom from tyranny is always "illegal" and almost always requires either violence or the threat of violence. All so-called "law," including the heinously oppressive kind, is backed by the threat of violence. Not surprisingly, just about the only time such "legal" injustice is defeated is when its intended victims use defensive force to stop it.

The truth is, most people who say they are pro-freedom are still nowhere near shaking themselves of the slave mindset. They still view "breaking the law" as the most unthinkable sin, even when they acknowledge that the law is oppressive. Need proof? Suppose there were a rash of armed carjackings in some town, and the townsfolk got together to decide what to do about it. How many speeches would end with this? "so we must put an end to this crime ... without violence, of course." I'm guessing no one would say that. Why not? Because they would view the carjackings as entirely evil, and would view the forcible resistance of them as inherently justified. So why don't they say the same about "government" thefts, frauds, and oppressions?

Because the truth is, as much as they don't like getting whipped by the master, deep down they still believe that the master has the right to whip them. Why else would they waste time continually asking the master to stop? Why else would they qualify all their "demands" for their master's kindness with something along the lines of, "but of course I won't disobey you or lift a hand against you"?

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We feed the Lion that eats us

US: CFR corporate members get lion's share of bailout funds. NewAmerican Posted 2009 Apr 18 (Cached)

So why is no one asking questions about why most of the funds are going to the former employers of our Treasury secretaries? Perhaps because many of the entities who should ask "why" are also CFR corporate members. Among the financial press, the CFR counts among its members Bloomberg, General Electric (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC), News Corporation (Fox, Fox Business), Standard and Poor's, ABC News, Time Warner (CNN, Time magazine, etc.), Moody's, and McGraw Hill (book publishers).

Somebody should ask the question why the same people who brought us this financial crisis are now bringing us the "cure," and why that cure necessarily involves financing former employers of the people making the decisions.

A crash course on martial law...

US: A crash course on martial law. This short video shows how government has been preparing a military takeover for at least 20 years and how close it is now to happening. You can't prepare if you don't know. Brasscheck Posted 2009 Apr 18

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FEMA and martial law

Most people don't know what FEMA is. Most of those who do know that it stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency mistakenly believe it is a federal agency whose mission is to assist local communities hit by natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, forest fires, etc.). That is the purpose for which it was originally established. But it was reorganized in 1991 for other purposes entirely. Since reorganization, 7 percent of its budget has been dedicated for those original functions. The remaining 93 percent is used for activities related to law enforcement and population control.....

If all this sounds like a wild conspiracy theory, listen to this sheriff in a county near Chicago. Does he sound like a conspiracy nut to you? Or does he sound like a real live citizen sheriff who is concerned about what he sees going on right under our noses? Notice the context in which he says "but the law says you have to be involved in this." [..."We are just laying it all out there for them."] What most sheriffs don't know is that they have more constitutional authority than the federal government has. Sadly, most sheriffs are political puppets.

Gm's bail out for greed, Costs of war

So, stupid, (I am speaking to most of America) how much more government spending are you going to take, hook, line and sinker? Most of you are too damn dumb to get it... You believe every thing shoved through that propaganda box in the living room. So sad to see us ALL go down, caused by the few greedy, narcissistic, ass-hats running the show and the stupid sheep that are just willing to believe any B-S they are told by neutered news "reporters". More accurately put; propaganda puppets.

Gm wants 15 billion
"all of a sudden" for failing? How much, for how long do you have to FAIL before you go into bankruptcy? 15 billion must have happened over night.... you must be stupid enough to swallow that. Anyone else with a company would have had it's doors closed, ages ago. Or did the oil companies "help" them along? Oops, sorry, I asked you to think, again.

The Company That Flushed Itself Down the Toilet

by Mark Yannone

Who Killed the Electric Car? is about a very popular, unadvertised automobile that freed America from its dependency on oil. This fascinating and enlightening documentary shows how the General Motors car was literally squashed and shredded by GM and the oil companies with the complicity of the federal government...
GM "likely" to build factories in China while closing U.S. factories. If so, bailout money from U.S taxpayers will be used for construction.
2009 Apr 20 (Cached)

If you are not too damned lazy or "busy", watch a 13 minute fact informational video.
The cost of war......... Video

"What we've shown the world is that a sole superpower, without any opponent in sight can spend ... $800 billion, long-term costs may be more in the vicinity of $3 trillion, that we can lose 5,000 Americans, that we see another 30,000 injured, and this tremendous expenditure cannot stabilize two countries, who, together, comprise about one percent of the world population."
~ Carl Conetta, Co-Director of The Project On Defense Alternatives

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Earth Day: No GMO Challenge Launches

Press Release


Earth Day: No GMO Challenge Launches Today

Food Blogosphere Targets GMOs as Top Environmental Threat

Consumers Asked to Buy Eco-Friendly Non-GMO Products 

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Los Angeles, CA.) This Earth Day, co-sponsors Real Food Media and the Institute for Responsible Technology urge consumers to take the No GMO Challenge to protect themselves from one of history's greatest man-made health and environmental threats – genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The No GMO Challenge begins with a spring-inspired cupboard cleanout and a 30-day commitment to eating as many non-GMO meals as possible. Organizers of the No GMO Challenge hope U.S. shoppers will flex their considerable spending power during the No GMO Challenge to buy only non-GMO products, starting Earth Day. People who have already signed up for the No GMO Challenge include moms, farmers, chefs, scientists, physicists, biologists, home cooks, retailers and food writers who regularly blog about healthier foods.

Consumer polls show that 9 out of 10 Americans want GM foods labeled so they can avoid buying them. Nearly two-thirds of products on supermarket shelves contain unlabelled genetically modified ingredients. A controversial Food and Drug Administration exception made in the 1990s, permits GMOs to enter the food supply without adequate safety testing, say watchdog groups.

To help get the word out about GM foods, organizers of the No GMO Challenge  are asking people to pledge that for 30 days, they will avoid GMO food made from the 5 main GM crops: corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oil, and sugar from sugar beets.

Ann Marie Michaels, the founder the Real Food Media Blog Network says, "We are asking consumers to try to avoid these foods and to blog about it, tweet about it, post about it on Facebook, and get the word out as much as possible. At the No GMO Challenge site, we'll have videos and news articles you can link to or blog about or tweet, and you can also just write about your experiences going GM-free."

Bloggers can join a weekly blog carnival every Monday to share stories about GM food, and enter to win prizes every Thursday, from sponsors including US Wellness Meats, Zukay Live Foods and Tropical Traditions who will be giving away prizes like grass-fed meats, GMO-free salad dressings, and organic coconut oil.

The rolling No GMO Challenge, similar to the Eat Local Challenge launches today and will continue until GMOs are driven out the food supply, organizers say. Consumers are asked to organize, educate and build awareness about the dangers of GMOs until that goal is realized.

Jeffrey Smith, a leading expert on the health dangers of GMOs, says that Earth Day is the right time to draw attention to the environmental threat posed by GMOs. "GM crops concentrate corporate control of food, increase herbicide use without increasing average yields, endanger food security, are detrimental to sustainable and organic farming, and trap farmers in a cycle of debt and dependence. They shrink biodiversity, harm beneficial insects, damage soil bacteria, contaminate non-GM varieties, and persist in the environment. The presence of self-propagating genetic pollution might outlast the effects of global warming and nuclear waste."

Scientists warn that GM foods may set off allergies, increase cancer risks, damage food quality and produce lasting toxins in the environment. GMOs also increase the risk of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, due the use of antibiotic resistant genes in GM food.

Non-GMO Trend Accelerating

Worldwide concerns about GMOs have been accelerating. Recent government-funded studies in Austria and Italy linked GMOs to infertility, immune responses, and poorer health of new-borns.  Other research links increased cancer risk to milk treated with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone has already forced most of the nation's top dairies, plus Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Yoplait, and Dannon, to commit to stop using it in some or all their products.

Last week, Germany became the sixth European Union nation to ban the planting of Europe's only approved GM seed—a corn variety by US biotech giant Monsanto, which is engineered to produce its own toxic pesticide. German Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner concluded that it "represents a danger for the environment."

Michaels, who is a rising star in the food blogosphere says, "The majority of Americans don't trust GM foods and want them labeled. The sad thing is there's so little information about it. Most of us are eating GMOs every day and we don't even know it."

No GMO Challenge co-sponsor, the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), wants to remedy that by providing free Non-GMO Shopping Guides for participants. Full of informative charts, tips, and non-GMO brand selections, the Guide makes buying non-GMO easy. . IRT's executive director Jeffrey Smith says, "We expect the No GMO Challenge to magnify the current trend away from high risk GM foods."       

Blogger Sheri Ross Fogarty of says, "The No GMO Challenge is particularly important for mothers, since children are most susceptible to the health risks of GM foods."    


Real Food Media is a blog network that publishes stories about food and cooking, food politics, farming and producing food, health and nutrition, and green living.

The Institute for Responsible Technology's Campaign for Healthier Eating in America mobilizes citizens, organizations, businesses, and the media, to achieve the tipping point of consumer rejection of genetically modified foods....

No GMO Challenge Website:

Ann Marie Michaels
Real Food Media 
'No GMO Challenge'
10401 Venice Blvd Suite 456 
Los Angeles, CA  90034 
Office: 310-362-6750 

Real Food Media Blogs
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Media Contact: NJ Jaeger
Institute for Responsible Technology
'No GMO Challenge' 
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Office: 1.310.377.0915





Monsanto Creates Epidemics; Argentina, Australia, US


WA premier calls for GM product ban

Annolies Truman
7 June 2008

On June 2, the West Australian reported that WA Premier Alan Carpenter had called for a nationwide suspension of approvals for foods containing genetically modified (GM) crops until more health research was carried out. Carpenter said the national food regulator, Food Standards Australia New Zealand should not approve any more food for human consumption until independent scientific trials were conducted to better determine the safety of GM foods.

The article quoted Carpenter as saying: “There are still unresolved issues and questions about the effect of genetically modified foods on human beings.” He added that GM ingredients could be found in common foods including corn chips, breakfast cereals, taco shells, margarine, biscuits, soy products and oils.

On June 6 WA Conservation Council representative Dr Maggie Lilith presented the Carpenter government with a letter asking it to extend the current ban on GM crops, which will expire in early 2009 at the latest, for a further 10 years.

Last month Lilith attended an international conference on GM agriculture in Germany where she obtained signatures on the letter from representatives of 75 countries.

Lilith told Green Left Weekly that many of WA’s export markets rejected GM crops. “These markets will be lost to Australia with the adoption of GM agriculture”, she said. “In 10 years time we can base a decision regarding GM crops on independent scientific research into the impacts … on people and the environment.”

Say No to GMO activist Janet Grogan told GLW: “It’s fantastic the premier has raised the labelling issue. This is extremely important, but we must keep pushing for the moratorium on growing GMO crops to be extended — and that includes cotton!

“The support [Lilith] was able to get from international figures at the conference she attended in Bonn last month is a great win for the campaign.”


Monsanto's Crops Spawning Superweed Epidemic in U.S.

EXTRACT: In 2007, 10,000 acres of land were abandoned in Macon country, the epicenter of the superweed explosion, North Carolina State University's Alan York told local media.

'Superweed' explosion threatens Monsanto heartlands
France 24, 19 April 2009

"Superweeds" are plaguing high-tech Monsanto crops in southern US states, driving farmers to use more herbicides, return to conventional crops or even abandon their farms.

The gospel of high-tech genetically modified (GM) crops is not sounding quite so sweet in the land of the converted. A new pest, the evil pigweed, is hitting headlines and chomping its way across Sun Belt states, threatening to transform cotton and soybean plots into weed battlefields.

In late 2004, "superweeds" that resisted Monsanto's iconic "Roundup" herbicide, popped up in GM crops in the county of Macon, Georgia. Monsanto, the US multinational biotech corporation, is the world's leading producer of Roundup, as well as genetically engineered seeds. Company figures show that nine out of 10 US farmers produce Roundup Ready seeds for their soybean crops.

Superweeds have since alarmingly appeared in other parts of Georgia, as well as South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, according to media reports. Roundup contains the active ingredient glyphosate, which is the most used herbicide in the USA.

GM protesters demonstrate near the French town of Toulouse in March 2008. How has this happened? Farmers over-relied on Monsanto's revolutionary and controversial combination of a single "round up" herbicide and a high-tech seed with a built-in resistance to glyphosate, scientists say.

Today, 100,000 acres in Georgia are severely infested with pigweed and 29 counties have now confirmed resistance to glyphosate, according to weed specialist Stanley Culpepper from the University of Georgia.

"Farmers are taking this threat very seriously. It took us two years to make them understand how serious it was. But once they understood, they started taking a very aggressive approach to the weed," Culpepper told FRANCE 24.

"Just to illustrate how aggressive we are, last year we hand-weeded 45% of our severely infested fields," said Culpepper, adding that the fight involved "spending a lot of money."

In 2007, 10,000 acres of land were abandoned in Macon country, the epicenter of the superweed explosion, North Carolina State University's Alan York told local media.

The perfect weed

Had Monsanto wanted to design a deadlier weed, they probably could not have done better. Resistant pigweed is the most feared superweed, alongside horseweed, ragweed and waterhemp.

"Palmer pigweed is the one pest you don't want, it is so dominating," says Culpepper. Pigweed can produce 10,000 seeds at a time, is drought-resistant, and has very diverse genetics. It can grow to three meters high and easily smother young cotton plants.

Today, farmers are struggling to find an effective herbicide they can safely use over cotton plants.

Controversial solutions

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Monsanto's technical development manager, Rick Cole, said he believed superweeds were manageable. "The problem of weeds that have developed a resistance to Roundup crops is real and [Monsanto] doesn't deny that, however the problem is manageable," he said.

Cole encourages farmers to alternate crops and use different makes of herbicides.

Indeed, according to Monsanto press releases, company sales representatives are encouraging farmers to mix glyphosate and older herbicides such as 2,4-D, a herbicide which was banned in Sweden, Denmark and Norway over its links to cancer, reproductive harm and mental impairment. 2,4-D is also well-known for being a component of Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide which was used in chemical warfare in Vietnam in the 1960s.

Questioned on the environmental impact and toxicity of such mixtures, Monsanto's public affairs director, Janice Person, said that "they didn't recommend any mixtures that were not approved by the EPA," she said, referring to the US federal Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the UK-based Soil Association, which campaigns for and certifies organic food, Monsanto was well aware of the risk of superweeds as early as 2001 and took out a patent on mixtures of glyphosate and herbicide targeting glyphosate-resistant weeds.

"The patent will enable the company to profit from a problem that its products had created in the first place," says a 2002 Soil Association report.

Returning to conventional crops

In the face of the weed explosion in cotton and soybean crops, some farmers are even considering moving back to non-GM seeds. "It's good for us to go back, people have overdone the Roundup seeds," Alan Rowland, a soybean seed producer based in Dudley, Missouri, told FRANCE 24. He used to sell 80% Monsanto "Roundup Ready" soybeans and now has gone back to traditional crops, in a market overwhelmingly dominated by Monsanto.

According to a number of agricultural specialists, farmers are considering moving back to conventional crops. But it's all down to economics, they say. GM crops are becoming expensive, growers say.

While farmers and specialists are reluctant to blame Monsanto, Rowland says he's started to "see people rebelling against the higher costs."


Monsanto Herbicide Used in Argentina Cause Birth Defects
Latin American Herald Tribune

BUENOS AIRES – The herbicide used on [Monsanto] genetically modified soy – Argentina’s main crop – could cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, according to the results of a scientific investigation released Monday.

Although the study “used amphibian embryos,” the results “are completely comparable to what would happen in the development of a human embryo,” embryology professor Andres Carrasco, one of the study’s authors, told Efe.

“The noteworthy thing is that there are no studies of embryos on the world level and none where glyphosate is injected into embryos,” said the researcher with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory.

The doses of herbicide used in the study “were much lower than the levels used in the fumigations,” and so the situation “is much more serious” that the study suggests because “glyphosate does not degrade,” Carrasco warned.

In Argentina, farmers each year use between 180 and 200 million liters of glyphosate, which was developed by the multinational Monsanto and sold in the United States under the brand name Roundup.

Carrasco said that the research found that “pure glyphosate, in doses lower than those used in fumigation, causes defects ... (and) could be interfering in some normal embryonic development mechanism having to do with the way in which cells divide and die.”

“The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate is healthier than drinking a glass of milk, but the fact is that they’ve used us as guinea pigs,” he said.

He gave as an example what occurred in Ituzaingo, a district where 5,000 people live on the outskirts of the central Argentine city of Cordoba, where over the past eight years about 300 cases of cancer associated with fumigations with pesticides have turned up.

“In communities like Ituzaingo it’s already too late, but we have to have a preventive system, to demand that the companies give us security frameworks and, above all, to have very strict regulations for fumigation, which nobody is adhering to out of ignorance or greed,” he said.

The researcher also said that, apart from the research he carried out, “there has to be a serious study” on the effects of glyphosate on human beings, adding that “the state has all the mechanisms for that.”

In the face of the volley of judicial complaints related to the disproportionate use of agrochemicals in the cultivation of GM soy, last February the Health Ministry created a group to investigate the problem in four Argentine provinces.

Argentina is the world’s third-largest exporter of soy. EFE

India calls PM to ban Monsanto Cotton

VJAS demand PM to ban Bt Cotton Supplied by Monsanto

Publication Date  7/6/2008 

The Vidarbha Jan Andolan (VJAS) activists have reported shocking facts, all types of plants and ruby crops are severely infected by Mealy Bug, a virus gifted by imported Bt.cotton supplied MNC Monsanto. The VJAS warned that coming khariff season will have it'''s wider effect and larger area spread covering all most all crops and set to destroy of next year not only cotton crop but all the other food crops hence too plant eater killer.

VJAS president Kishor Tiwari urged the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  to ban Monsanto Bt. Cotton seeds in agrarian crisis hit West Vidarbha in order to save more than 3 million distress and debt trapped vidarbha cotton farmers.  He also demanded CBI probe over the Mealy Bug spread in Vidarbha region.

He said that in order to save cotton farmers in suicide prone areas of Andhra Pradesh , the Andhra Pradesh government has advocating promotion of organic cotton and to avoid the deadly bt-cotton trap

Now when the cotton plants have died, the mealy bug is shifting to nearby plants. By mid June, farmers will go for the new cotton crop or plant another crop. But before that, he warned that the bug will have multiplied like any thing. It has shifted to Congress weed nearby, and many other weeds and plants in gardens.

In the fertile regions of Andhra Pradesh  'white gold' monocultures of the high yielding hybrids of 'Green Revolution' cotton had turned the state into the pesticide capital of the world even before the advent of genetically modified (GM) Bt cotton. Now, however, the revolution is turning full circle as more and more farmers are opting for low input organic methods that are healthier and economically far more rewarding.

Non-governmental organisations such as the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Modern Architects of Rural India, the Permaculture Association of India, the Sarvodaya Youth Organisation and Oxfam are working in many villages to promote and train small and marginal farmers in non-pesticide management (NPM) of cotton leading to organic production in the third year of uptake.

This initiative comes against a historical backdrop of government support for high chemical input cotton production at national and at state level that has sent the wrong messages to farmers. GM cotton is now falsely promoted as the answer to reducing the scourge of proliferating pesticide use, and is one of many reasons farmers are succumbing to the pressure to grow GM cotton.

Madhavi, who works for Oxfam said that in Maharashtra, Karnataka and other Indian states, there is a culture of organic agriculture, and she is currently talking to local officials to promote organic production in colleges and research institutes in AP and to familiarise local farmers with this lost tradition.

VJAS has requested Prime Minister to ban Bt.cotton in West Vidarbha region and launch  National Food Security Mission(NFSM)) and special outlay of  Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY).

This should be followed along with a comprehensive promotion plan of organic farming in the small and marginal farmers and tribals cultivating barren land for vidarbha and the demand to allocate dedicated funds on the lines of AIBP for farm ponds, community tanks and give incentives to farmers/villages who/which harness water but nobody in the administration is serious over the vidarbha agrarian crisis, Tiwari added.

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Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits

Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits.

Soviet Union survivor: President spits in face of every U.S. citizen

Posted: April 12, 2009
7:05 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Dr. Orly Taitz (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. – She’s the fierce blond attorney behind Obama eligibility lawsuits, a successful dentist with two offices, a second-degree black belt and a mother of three boys who speaks five languages.

Dr. Orly Taitz, a woman with a vibrant smile and an ebullient personality, has not always enjoyed an independent life filled with promise and ambition. She was born and raised in Kishinev (also spelled Chisinau), the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe that was formerly part of the Soviet Union.

Drawing on her experiences under a communist regime, she told WND she is determined to do her part to stop America from following in the all-too-familiar footsteps of her former homeland.

Life under communism

She described her life in a communist nation: Markets were bare, people had no desire to work and the government forced young children into slave labor.

“We’d stop at the store, and the food stores were empty,” she said. “I remember we had to stand in lines for hours in the cold. We were in a bus, going home and suddenly we’d see a line. We wouldn’t even know what they were selling, but we knew something would be there – some food. We’d stand for two hours to buy maybe a pound of salami or a half a pound of butter.”

As a young child, Taitz asked her father why the market shelves were empty.

“In America, they have everything,” he would tell her. “The stores are full.”

Her father explained that Americans were interested in working and received paychecks based on their productivity. However, in the Soviet Union, farmers were part of a socialist system of collective farming and were compensated equally – regardless of output.

He told her, “If a farmer is bright and hard working, at the end of the month, he will get 100 rubles. And if the farmer is a lazy bum and he does nothing, he gets the same 100 rubles.”

Taitz told WND, “People had absolutely no incentive to do anything. They had no incentive to work. The best doctors were getting maybe 150 rubles. That’s why the standards for medicine were so low.”

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 350,000 others and sign up now!

Youth camps and slave labor

Republic of Moldova

She said that, much like President Obama’s proposed brigade of youth organizers, the Soviet Union used children for slave labor.

“They would put us on trucks, and we would go to the countryside,” she said. “We were told to go and pick tomatoes.”

Parents were not allowed to homeschool their children. They were forced to enroll them in government schools. From the age of 6, all children were required to become young communists.

“You had to send your child to school, and your child had to be a member of the young communists,” Taitz said. “There were no children who were not members. You had to do it. If you were one of the best, you become a member of the Communist Party. It was constant brainwashing.”

She continued, “There was no choice, and people resented that. They were scared to speak up.”

Most children were sent to communist youth camps, but Taitz’ parents wouldn’t allow her to go. Instead, they gave her stacks of math, physics and chemistry textbooks to study while her friends were away at camps.

“My parents didn’t want me to be in those camps and be subjected to communist brainwashing,” she said. “They wanted me to think for myself. I learned to read by myself, and my parents sent me to competitions in math, physics, chemistry and biology. I would sit and work with pages of problems, and I loved to compete.”

An empty existence

Taitz as a baby with her mother in Kishinev

Practice of religion was restricted in the Soviet Union. Churches were closed and repurposed as museums of art.

“You had to be an atheist,” Taitz said. “No one could go and pray. You weren’t allowed to mention any religion. A lot of priests, ministers and rabbis were sent to Siberia, so people were scared. They didn’t celebrate any religious holidays; they just didn’t exist.”

She said alcohol abuse was rampant and caused the destruction of many lives.

“One of the reasons they had such a serious problem with alcoholism was because there was nothing in people’s lives. There was no God, no religion, no choice. You had to conform and comply.”

During her years living in the Soviet Union, Taitz said friends would constantly talk about finding ways to break away from the system.

“They would tell me, ‘This person was very inventive and built a hot-air balloon to get out from East Germany to West Germany, or somebody was able to swim across the border,’” she said. “There were always stories about how people escaped the regime.”

With only one TV station in Kishinev, Taitz said reporters spewed communist propaganda.

(Story continues below)

Escaping a totalitarian regime

Orly Taitz at 20

In 1981, when she was 21, her uncle managed to escape to Israel. He sent her family papers that allowed them to join him there due to their familial relationship.

When Taitz arrived in Israel, she was stunned to discover a free-market society with full stores. In the Soviet Union, there were no fruits or vegetables in the winter. Her family survived on canned foods, bread and pierogis, or dumplings stuffed with various ingredients such as cheese and potatoes.

“I remember when a lady who came to Israel from the Soviet Union went to the store and asked, ‘When will we have tomatoes?’ She was thinking, maybe March or April,” Taitz said.

“The clerk looked at her and said, ‘Probably in an hour.’”

For a woman who had lived under a communist regime her whole life, freedom was a new concept she had only imagined after listening to her father’s stories.

“It was a completely different feeling, a free feeling,” she said. “There were political parties, and you got to choose whichever one you wanted. In the Soviet Union, there was only one.”

She lived in Israel for several years and attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Taitz met her future husband, a man living in California who visited his family while she was a practicing dentist in Israel in 1987. Only a couple of months after their introduction, he proposed marriage, and she accepted. Her father was reluctant to let his daughter go, but he eventually relented.

“I was scared. Coming to the U.S. was a big step,” she said. “I went to a new country and married a person I hardly knew. I was very scared. So, I came, and right away we drove to Las Vegas.”

Still jet lagged from her flight, Taitz was nearly falling asleep as she arrived at a chapel in the center of the Las Vegas strip.

“We paid to have a limo driver act as our witness, and the minister married us,” she said. “We got some pictures and sent them to my parents to let them know I wasn’t living in sin.”

One location of Taitz’ dental practice in Southern California (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)

Dentist, lawyer, broker and mother

Because Taitz had foreign dental training, she was required to take dental board exams to practice in the United States. When she took one of her last tests, she was pregnant with her first son.

“I was seven months pregnant with a big belly,” she said. “It was pretty tough.”

Taitz passed the dental boards, and her practice grew substantially. She now has two separate dental offices in Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. Two dentists work in Taitz’ offices each week to assist patients.

Taitz at her dental office (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)

With a successful practice and a growing family, Taitz decided to enroll in law school at William Howard Taft University. She took distance courses and studied from home in the evenings.

“I just got books and tapes and studied until I passed the exams,” she said. “I passed the California bar, and it is said to be one of the more difficult ones in the nation. When I passed, there was only a 50 percent passing rate.”

With three young sons, Taitz volunteered at her children’s school every Tuesday for 10 years and reserved evenings and weekends for her family.

When her sons enrolled in Taekwondo classes, she eagerly joined them – earning her own second-degree black belt.

With a strong desire to see the world, Taitz has traveled to 40 countries. In addition to English, she speaks Russian, Romanian, Hebrew and Spanish and has a strong understanding of German because her grandparents spoke the language.

When she sold her California home, Taitz also earned her real estate broker’s license to save on commission from the sale. She said she plans to renew it when the eligibility lawsuits have been resolved.

Obama eligibility lawsuits

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen

During the recent election campaigns, Taitz paid close attention and grew concerned when stories about President Obama’s birth simply didn’t add up. She followed Philip Berg’s eligibility lawsuit and several other similar complaints across the nation.

On Oct 25, 2008, she sent an e-mail to Debra Bowen, secretary of state of California, urging her to verify Obama’s citizenship status before the elections.

“I wrote, ‘I’m an attorney in Southern California, and I am greatly concerned about Barack Obama’s eligibility,’” she said.

Taitz told Bowen she believed Obama did not have a legitimate, long-form birth certificate proving that he was born in Hawaii. She argued that if a candidate lacked proper documentation of meeting the natural-born citizen requirement, that candidate should be declared ineligible to run.

“She wrote back that there was no requirement for her to check eligibility,” Taitz said. “I asked for a hearing, and I received a letter from her attorney that we would have one. But they lied and never scheduled one. It was appalling that the secretary of state was negligent, reckless, and didn’t check eligibility.”

Frustrated with the response she received from Bowen’s office, Taitz began writing letters to every newspaper she could find. In her letters, she explained why she believed Obama was not eligible and described flaws in the vetting process.

“I wrote that Obama is not eligible to be president and that next time around, we can have Osama bin Laden on our ballots if the only thing one needs to do is write, ‘I am eligible,’” she said.

After she wrote the letters, a woman contacted her at her dental office and invited her to a meeting of 200 people in Garden Grove, Calif., to discuss illegal immigration and various political issues. She attended the meeting and met Pastor Wiley Drake, radio host of “Wiley Drake in Buena Park” and vice presidential candidate for America’s Independent Party.

Dr. Alan Keyes

Drake complimented Taitz on her speech and asked her to join him on his radio show. When she agreed, he asked how he could help her pursue the eligibility case.

“I said, ‘From what I understand, Berg’s case was not heard on the merits because they stated that he doesn’t have good standing as an ordinary citizen. You are a vice presidential candidate for America’s Independent Party. If you agree to be a plaintiff, we will do well.”

He said, “Let’s do it.”

Alan Keyes, the party’s nominee for president, agreed to join the lawsuit as a plaintiff. Chairman Markham Robinson added his name and brought another attorney, Gary Kreep, on board. They filed a writ of mandamus in Sacramento on behalf of Keyes, Robinson and Drake and requested that California’s electors be barred from signing the Certificate of Vote until documentary proof of Obama’s citizenship was produced.

As WND reported, the California court ruled that Bowen “has no ‘ministerial duty’ to demand detailed proof of citizenship from presidential candidates.”

“I decided I couldn’t change the pleadings in Alan Keyes’ case, but I could file another lawsuit,” she said. “So, I got seven plaintiffs and I drove to Los Angeles and filed a case there. By that time, I had a lot of supporters. A lot of people were writing to me, but I asked them to write the Supreme Court of California.”

Taking her case to Supreme Court

She said with no explanation, the court denied her lawsuit.

“I could not understand why in the world they denied it,” she said. “So I decided to go straight to the U.S. Supreme Court. On Dec. 11, I flew to Washington and filed the case the next day – the last working day before the meeting of the Electoral College.”

Originally, she filed with Justice Anthony Kennedy, and he denied it. She resubmitted it to Chief Justice John Roberts, and he distributed it for conference.

“On the Jan. 20, the case was on the docket, and everybody could see it,” Taitz said. “Then, right after the inauguration, on Jan. 21, it disappeared. It was as if somebody was trying to please Obama by erasing the docket.”

Taitz has stepped up her fight, approaching Justice Antonin Scalia during his appearance in Los Angeles and hand-delivering documents to Chief Justice John Roberts at his appearance at the University of Idaho. She also presented Roberts with the WND petition, consisting of 3,300 pages of names – more than 325,000 at the time – of people demanding the Supreme Court hear the Obama eligibility case.

Taitz updates her Defend Our Freedoms blog with information about her cases. Her latest challenge to Obama’s eligibility is a Quo Warranto case submitted to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a legal standard that essentially allows citizens to demand on what grounds someone in authority exercises power.

She has 10 state representatives and about 130 members of the U.S. military signed on as plaintiffs in the action.

Reliving communism

Orly Taitz (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)

“It is interesting that when we go to court challenging Obama’s eligibility, I experience such a déjà vu, like I am in the communist Soviet Union again,” Taitz said. “I feel, my God, I am back in a totalitarian regime. I’m shocked by the total and complete idiocy of those judges who come up with such idiotic excuses about why they refuse to sign a subpoena – something so basic to their jobs – to get his records.”

Asked what motivates her continue fighting the eligibility battle, Taitz replied, “I feel that this man is arrogantly spitting in the face of each and every American citizen. I feel like he has just spit in my face. I take it personally that he is trampling on our Constitution and on our laws.”

She continued, “Having the experience that I had in the Soviet Union – seeing lack of freedom, lack of a system of justice, lack of judicial integrity, lack of press with integrity, an economic system in shambles – when I saw all that, I began fighting.”

Taitz said mainstream media in the United States are becoming much like the Soviet Union press, because they do not provide truthful information about Obama and have pushed for his socialist society. She offered a suggestion for dealing with “detached” and “ignorant” reporters who advocate such a system.

“I would put all of them in one airplane – Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, all of them. I would load a plane with 500 reporters and send them to some village in Siberia or some village in China or Mongolia or Korea or Cuba, and tell them, ‘Why don’t you survive there for a year,’” she said.

“I guarantee you, after a year they will come here and they’ll be to the right of Rush Limbaugh. They’ll think Rush Limbaugh is a communist.”

Taking a stand

Taitz said if Obama is found to be ineligible, he must be unseated and tried for crimes he committed against citizens of the United States.

“The whole election would be annulled, and all of the laws signed by Obama would be null and void,” she said with conviction. “In that case, somebody like Vice President Joe Biden must become president pro tempore for two or three months until we are able to organize a new election.”

In Hebrew, “Orly” means “light” – and that’s just what Taitz hopes to be for others who are willing to demand proof of Obama’s eligibility and take a stand against his socialist plans for the nation.

Drawing on her early life experiences, Taitz issued a word of warning for Americans:

“The worst thing you can ever do is be scared in the face of evil,” she said. “Never be too scared to stand tall and speak up.”

Editor’s note: Dr. Orly Taitz is experienced difficulties at her previous Defend Our Freedoms blog and has launched a replacement website. She asks that readers and donors contact her directly by e-mail or by writing to 26302 La Paz Ste. 211, Mission Viejo, Ca. 92691.

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Chelsea Schilling is a staff writer for WorldNetDaily.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Damage the thyroid and the whole body and mind are affected.

Or, "When Is Toxic Sludge Good for Us?"

by Mary Sparrowdancer

"It is crucial to note that this [NRC] report is NOT about community water fluoridation."
~ The American Dental Association (caps theirs).

When is toxic sludge good for us? When profit can be made by selling it. The truth, of course, never really changes, nor can the truth be altered by even the most corrupt and outdated of advertising campaigns. No matter how frequently a white-coated promoter presents himself as an "expert" or an "official" and repeats the age-worn slogans and distinctions given to this toxic sludge -- i.e., that this product is good for us, that it is "safe and effective," and that it is one of the top ten public health wonders of the past century -- toxic sludge remains toxic sludge. It has not ever been "good for us." According to the government's own databases it has not ever been "safe and effective" despite their continued "official" misleading claims. It is time to leave the last century behind along with its deliberate lies and deceptions. It is time to enter a new century and learn the truth about the lies -- primarily the truth about fluoride and what fluoride has truly cost the citizens of the United States of America: According to newly published reports, fluoridation may have cost some of them their lives and others their health.

Tens of millions of Americans throughout the US are now spending an unprecedented amount of money each year purchasing pharmaceutical products. These unprecedented billions of US dollars (approximately $252 billion for prescription drugs in 2005) are being spent because US citizens are attempting to purchase relief from an unprecedented array of mysterious, nationwide symptoms. If one follows the money and looks at the top ranking pharmaceutical sales, it quickly becomes apparent that Americans appear to be collectively seeking relief from similar symptoms. Three of the most common symptoms now occurring in the US are thyroid malfunction, elevated cholesterol and GI problems. (1, 2, 3)

The billions of US dollars spent in the search for relief should be speaking loudly to us. The money alone should be telling us that something affecting most of the nation is affecting most of the nation rather profoundly. We now find that it is certainly reasonable to suspect that this "something" might well be the toxic sludge that has been added to our drinking water for over 50 years. This mass-medical treatment has been done under the promise that it would guarantee the prevention of dental cavities, yet the guarantee has never delivered its promised claim. States with the highest percentage of water fluoridation -- such as Kentucky, which is just under 100% "optimally fluoridated" -- also have the highest percentage of caries and dental problems. The CDC reports 42% of "optimally fluoridated" Kentuckians had lost all of their teeth. (4)

As if this were not enough, we now learn that the substance being used to medically "treat" two-thirds of the nation via drinking water has never been tested, approved or found to be safe for human consumption by any government agency, including the FDA and the USDA. (5)

Forget the "official" advertising slogans for fluoride; forget the invented titles of grandeur and the emotion-charged suggestion that we "must do this for the sake of the poor children." Forget the false news alerts reassuring us that water fluoridation remains "safe and effective" and forget the reminders that it has been called one of the great wonders of the past century. Our focus should now be upon the reports that surfaced just after the Ides of March in 2006. After over 50 years of misleading glorification, toxic sludge has been officially identified by a blue ribbon researcher panel as toxic sludge. We now know we must keep this sludge away from our children and out of our water -- because our lives and health depend upon it.

On March 22, 2006, the National Academies' National Research Council (NRC) issued a 500-page report looking at peer-reviewed studies on the side-effects of fluorides. The importance of this report is profound not only in its findings and recommendations, but also because the NRC advises government agencies such as the CDC, EPA and others as to what research evidence is appropriate, timely and relevant to their work.

Despite the misleading comments now surfacing that the NRC report dealt only with "naturally occurring fluoride," and that the report was "NOT" about water fluoridation, etc., the NRC report clearly states that fluoride exposure from all sources was considered. As stated on page 19 of the NRC report, sources for internal fluoride exposure include "food, water, beverages, dental products" and in addition to ingestion, internal exposure to fluoride also occurs from inhalation and dermal [skin] absorption. "Most fluorine added to drinking water," the report states, "is in the form of fluosilicic acid -- or sodium fluosilicate -- collectively referred to as fluorosilicates." On page 20, the report states, "The major dietary source of fluoride for most people in the United States is fluoridated municipal (community) drinking water." The NRC study then examined numerous reports, showing an association between fluoride ingestion and an appalling range of physical side effects, disorders and diseases.

Shortly after the above NRC study was published, a long-awaited Harvard study led by Dr. Elise Bassin also surfaced after several years of being shelved rather than released to the public. Dr. Bassin's dissertation was completed in May of 2001. In her study she found that boys who ingested fluoridated water between the ages of 6 to 8, were significantly more likely to later develop a deadly form of bone cancer, osteosarcoma, than boys who did not drink fluoridated water. (6)

According to a letter from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to the National Toxicology Program, Report on Carcinogens, dated June 9, 2005, Dr. Bassin's study first came to the attention of the EWG "as a result of a failed attempt to obtain the full doctoral thesis by the staff of the National Research Council committee on fluoride safety. After being repeatedly denied a copy of the thesis, the NRC committee instead sent a committee member to the Harvard Countway Library of Medicine to read the entire document and report back to the committee. Environmental Working Group obtained a copy of the results section of the document from the Fluoride Action Network, who sent two researchers to the library, each of whom were allowed to copy 10 percent of the document." (7)

The knowledge that we have lost children, and children have lost limbs as a result of mandated fluoride ingestion is nothing short of a national disgrace. If there is anything more appalling than learning this, it is perhaps in learning about the deliberate, ongoing suppression of information linking fluoride ingestion to adverse health effects, and the deliberate disinformation being dispensed to the unsuspecting public by promoters.

As stated earlier, three of the most common, major problems currently plaguing US citizens are thyroid malfunction, raised cholesterol levels, and GI problems. As of the publication of the NRC report, it becomes apparent that there are reports linking these major problems to fluoride exposure.

On page 225, the NRC study states that when fluoride is ingested it combines with hydrogen ions, forming hydrogen fluoride (HF). "Upon entering the interstitial fluid in the mucosa where the pH approaches neutrality, HF dissociates to release fluoride and hydrogen ions which can cause tissue damage." The last four words will perhaps be the most relevant and clearly stated words for most, especially those suffering from chronic GI problems. According to a March, 2005 News Release of the American Gastroenterological Association, "Gastrointestinal disease is a growing U.S. health problem, now affecting more than 65 million Americans." (8, 9)

It is in the NRC chapter pertaining to fluoride's "Effects on the Endocrine System," that we learn about thyroid malfunction and its corresponding effect on cholesterol levels. Many people do not yet realize that when the thyroid is damaged, an extraordinarily wide range of symptoms then occurs. In fact, one of the complaints that fluoride promoters have had about fluoridation opponents, is that the opponents have blamed fluoride for a "laundry list" of ailments. It turns out that the laundry list was right on target - damage the thyroid and the whole body and mind are affected.

The NRC states, "Biondi et al. (2002) associate subclinical thyroid dysfunction with changes in cardiac function and corresponding increased risks of heart disease." Other reports listed in the NRC show thyroid malfunction is associated with "bone demineralization, increased cholesterol, depression, cognitive dysfunction and reduced IQ levels in offspring." On page 197, the NRC states, "Thus, several lines of information indicate an effect of fluoride exposure on thyroid function." The NRC went on to state that because of the complexity of thyroid function and other factors including nutrition, "it is difficult to predict exactly what effects on thyroid function are likely at what concentration of fluoride exposure and under what circumstances." Fluoride levels associated with goiter prevalence in some areas studied were less than "0.1 to 0.36 mg/L." According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, approximately 27,000,000 Americans now have thyroid disorders. (10)

In addition to all of this, we also have the numerous dental problems clearly long-associated with fluoride. Because the dental problems are so visible, they have been historically the only problems acknowledged by the promoters as a link to fluoride poisoning. Even in acknowledgment, however, these problems have been downplayed. They are repeatedly referred to as mere "cosmetic problems," and are therefore routinely dismissed as unimportant. It would appear that in the official minds of the promoters, these "cosmetic problems" go no further than the surface of the tooth - as though the head is attached to a set of wheels rather than a living body. As though it will be only the tooth enamel that will become etched and stained and destroyed when the entire body is systemically fluorosed on a daily basis at unknowable doses - and that the rest of the body will somehow be miraculously spared.

As outlined in the NRC report, the type of fluoride primarily used in water fluoridation was identified as "fluorosilicates." Among the most insulting of facts pertaining to fluorosilicates is their source. This toxic sludge that is being disposed of in our drinking water is nothing more than an unwanted waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. (11)

Voices of reason seem to be much in need at this time of many questions. Dr. Bob Carton is an environmental scientist who worked for over 30 years in the federal government. From 1972-1992, Dr. Carton worked at the headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. writing regulations and managing risk assessments on high priority toxic chemicals. In 1985, as a union official, he became aware of the fraudulent nature of the EPA standard for fluoride in drinking water, and fought to expose it. In 1987, he led the union attempt to file an amicus brief in a court case brought by the Natural Resources Defense Council against the EPA, challenging the standards for fluoride in drinking water. His seems to be a voice of reason.

"The NRC called for testing of silicofluorides, the chemicals used to fluoridate water in 92% of fluoridated water supplies," Dr. Carton stated. "This is a shocking admission that the real chemicals used to fluoridate water have never been tested by the government." (12)

At this time, the voices of reason have spoken, and the reports of March are now sitting upon the table before us. Despite the contents of those reports, we hear the familiar, perennial voices of the promoters - people known as "officials" who are affiliated with collective bodies such as the CDC and the American Dental Association, issuing confusing statements about the NRC report, including as already seen, "It is crucial to note that this report is NOT about community water fluoridation." (Caps theirs.) And, "This report deals only with naturally occurring levels of fluoride in water." (Italics and boldface theirs.) And, "This report in no way examines or calls into question the safety of community water fluoridation."

It appears that "public health officials" from coast to coast are coming forward now with similar statements and misleading or false news, saying things such as, "This report does not apply to communities that adjust the fluoride in water supplies at the lower levels effective for preventing tooth decay." And, "This report does not examine the health risks or benefits associated with fluoridated drinking water systems." And, "This report dealt only with naturally-occurring levels of fluoride in water, and is not about community water fluoridation." (13)

For those who might try to turn to the CDC for some decent, sage advice, we find that the "official," statement on their website incomprehensibly compares fluoride to "vitamins and minerals," and that despite any findings to the contrary, fluoridation continues to be "safe and effective" in their opinion. Still not satisfied that they have fully vindicated the toxin that is now affecting all of us, they misleadingly state, "The findings of the NRC report are consistent with CDC's assessment that water is safe and healthy at the levels used for water fluoridation." (See 13 list.)

When it becomes clear that a great divide is appearing between the voices of reason and the voices of the promoters, and when it appears that the voices of the promoters care more about their product rather than the health and safety of the general public, then it becomes imperative for each American who values life, limb and health to stop relying upon the confusing "official" statements, and do his or her own homework.

Visit the National Academies Press page, as listed below and you will find an index of eleven chapters, summaries, appendices, etc. Select the chapters that you feel might pertain to the health and well-being of you, your family and loved ones - i.e., choose from teeth, musculoskeletal, reproductive, developmental effects, neurotoxicity, neurobehavioral effects, effects on the endocrine system, effects on gastrointestinal, renal, hepatic and immune system, genotoxicity, carcinogenic effects. Or perhaps you might feel all of these chapters could, indeed, pertain to you. Take the time to read the chapters for yourself so you will see with your own eyes what the NRC report studied, reviewed and is stating.

This might be the most important reading you will ever do. It might save the lives, as well as the health, of those you love.


Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song of the Universe, and is a science and health writer with training in clinical laboratory sciences, including bacteriology, electroencephalography, hematology and microscopic evaluation. Web site

Mary co-authors a health newsletter with Dr. Luise Light, author of What to Eat, (2006, McGraw-Hill). Luise is former USDA Director of Dietary Guidance and Nutrition Education, and was the creator of the real fruit and vegetable Food Pyramid. Web site



PRIMARY SUGGESTED READING: National Academies Press - "Fluoride in Drinking Water," Full Report. Table of Contents. 3/2006. April 2006

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CDC - Fluoride is like vitamins and minerals - and it is safe and effective, too (despite findings to the contrary).