Saturday, March 21, 2009

Voting machine maker/CIA admits design flaw for frauds

So now we learn proof (like anyone with a brain guessed before) every election involving a no-paper trail machine has somewhere, sometime been manipulated in fraudulent manner. And they want to admit to only 34 states?! Gotta love this arrogant, stupid cuntry. ...

No, my spelling is correct....

US: Diebold Company, that makes voting machines for 34 states, admits the machines allow ballots to be deleted without any record of the deletions - so there is no audit trail for fraud. They were designed that way.
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Yes, as usual, we are pointing the finger abroad while the ignorant U S population allows the exact same issues listed in the following article to distort truth here. What... You thinking our all loving and wonderful government does not do the same?

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says


WASHINGTON — The CIA, which has been monitoring foreign countries' use of electronic voting systems, has reported apparent vote-rigging schemes in Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine and a raft of concerns about the machines' vulnerability to tampering.


Glitches, machine breakdowns hamper voting in five states

Computer expert denies knowledge of '04 vote rigging in Ohio

Warning on voting machines reveals oversight failure

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

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