Sunday, March 1, 2009

Irradiated Food/Factory Farms Link to Illness/Death

Keep messing with Mother nature (or allowing the governmental agencies to) and see where you end up... Keep thinking this is not going to effect you and see where you or your loved ones end up... Still thinking this is all and only about cat foods??

Normally, I could care less about YOUR being personally ignorant, willfully or not. That perhaps even you are stupid, lazy, or careless to learn truth. Truth may not always have the kind of instant gratification people have become accustomed to. Truth is lost almost always to submitting to a quick fix, especially when governmental agencies are employed. BUT,...

It is YOUR ignorance that is effecting MY LIFE.

Wake up, or eventually die in your sleeping ignorance. This is only a tip of that iceberg...
  • "One theory is that gamma radiation, which reduces the food's nutritional value, destroys vitamin A, and the vitamin deficiency causes the nervous system problems."
  • Independent tests on the irradiated food have found "substantial reductions in vitamin A levels" and increased "production of oxidative by-products.
  • "I think there are good reasons to insist that irradiated food be properly labelled, whether it's for pets or people..."-veterinary surgeon Chris McClelland

Irradiation food links to feline illness

24/02/2009 4:00:00 AM

SOME Newcastle cats have been caught up in a bizarre case of alleged food-related illness involving Canadian pet food subjected by Australian Government rules to gamma irradiation.

Newcastle man Art Ryan said his two Burmese cats, Missy and Jake, began losing the use of their limbs some months after being fed the expensive Orijen brand cat food.

Manufacturer Champion Petfoods recalled the food last year but insists it isn't the meat that's to blame for the paralysis.

Rather, the company says it's the Australian Government's apparently unique irradiation procedures that have caused the problems.

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The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness

By Laura Sayre

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[A] 111-page report, two years in the making, outlines the public health, environmental, animal welfare and rural livelihood consequences of what they call “industrial farm animal production.” Its conclusions couldn’t be clearer. Factory farm production is intensifying worldwide, and rates of new infectious diseases are rising. Of particular concern is the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant microbes, an inevitable consequence of the widespread use of antibiotics as feed additives in industrial livestock operations.

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