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Voting machine maker/CIA admits design flaw for frauds

So now we learn proof (like anyone with a brain guessed before) every election involving a no-paper trail machine has somewhere, sometime been manipulated in fraudulent manner. And they want to admit to only 34 states?! Gotta love this arrogant, stupid cuntry. ...

No, my spelling is correct....

US: Diebold Company, that makes voting machines for 34 states, admits the machines allow ballots to be deleted without any record of the deletions - so there is no audit trail for fraud. They were designed that way.
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Yes, as usual, we are pointing the finger abroad while the ignorant U S population allows the exact same issues listed in the following article to distort truth here. What... You thinking our all loving and wonderful government does not do the same?

Most electronic voting isn't secure, CIA expert says


WASHINGTON — The CIA, which has been monitoring foreign countries' use of electronic voting systems, has reported apparent vote-rigging schemes in Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine and a raft of concerns about the machines' vulnerability to tampering.


Glitches, machine breakdowns hamper voting in five states

Computer expert denies knowledge of '04 vote rigging in Ohio

Warning on voting machines reveals oversight failure

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

McClatchy Newspapers 2009

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Waiting for --it to hit the fan? It's close.

Unless your nose is buried in the sand you can smell it in the headlines already..... here are just a few.

Grassley Accuses AIG of Sucking 'Tit' of Taxpayer

story here

Iowa Republican (Sen. Charles Grassley) had some other choice words for the bailed-out insurance giant.

"From my standpoint, it's irresponsible for corporations to give bonuses at this time when they're sucking the tit of the taxpayer," Grassley explained.

Grassley continued to express his displeasure with the company that is distributing $165 million in bonuses over lawmakers' objections. He said executives should not be rewarded for running their corporation into the ground.

AIG ships billions in bailout abroad

Eamon Javers
Sun Mar 15

Billions of American taxpayer dollars used to bailout insurance giant AIG are flowing to some of the largest foreign banks in the world, according to new documents released by beleaguered company Sunday.

The revelation seemed sure to cause political complications for President Barack Obama and his economic team, already on the defensive Sunday over why they couldn’t stop AIG from doling out $165 million in bonuses to some of its top corporate officials – even as the company was receiving a massive infusion of taxpayer funds.


Liberty Restoration Project in Kansas City Responds to the MIAC Militia Report
by Mohusk
Mon, Mar 16th, 2009 12:00:00 am

The Liberty Restoration Project (, a Kansas City-based political education organization has begun to implement a strategy in response to a Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Strategic Report on the "Modern Militia Movement". The report, released February 20th, suggests that bumper stickers and publications showing support for Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party, the Campaign for Liberty, and other segments of the Freedom Movement may be “political paraphernalia” used by members of radical militant groups. The report also considers anti-abortion signage, documentaries such as Freedom to Fascism, the Gadsden Flag, and signage critical of the Federal Reserve Bank to be “propaganda” and possible indications of paramilitary extremism.

story here


By Chuck Baldwin

MIAC report paints with a very broad brush. In addition to supporting Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or myself, a review of the report reveals that opposition to any of the following risks someone being classified as a potential "domestic terrorist":

The New World Order
The United Nations
Gun Control
The violation of Posse Comitatus
The Federal Reserve
The Income Tax
The Ammunition Accountability Act
A possible Constitutional Convention (Con Con)
The North American Union
Universal Service Program
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Abortion on demand
Illegal Immigration

Again, if you oppose any of the above, or if you supported Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or myself, you risk being labeled a "domestic terrorist," according to the MIAC.

story here


Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts
storyBy Anthony Gregory

"In the end, the national police, state governments, Homeland Security and all the SWAT Teams and spying powers in the world cannot defeat a idea that is true and whose time has come. And it is this idea -- this idea at root of Ron Paul's Love Revolution -- the dream of peace and freedom for all Americans -- that truly frightens those who favor the total state, intimidation and fear directed abroad and toward peaceful dissent at home. It is the idea of liberty, not militias or terrorists, that most threatens the establishment, even as it offers nothing but hope and promise for the American people and the people of the world."


New Hampshire in Uproar Over US Administration

New Hampshire State Representative, Dan Itse:

"The federal government is assuming powers that were not delegated to it. It is already acting to destroy the economy of the United States.... .... It is further corrupting the domestic policies of the individual states.... ....bribed with the people's money."



March to socialism - don't spend wisely!

story here

"You know, you get a large sum of money from robbing an heiress in a drunken casino, whatever. You use that money if you're smart to pay off your debt. Then you can have the pressure relieved so you can make wiser choices for the future. Well, the problem with the plan is -- hang on. Give me a second. I'm thinking. Oh, I know. The problem with that plan is it doesn't give the White House or Washington any control, which is the motivation behind the stimulus package in the first place."


Doc getting grief from government

story here

Dr. John Muney: Well, the system, it's the wrong system. That's what we have here. It really is mostly to paperwork, waste, bureaucracy, fraud, abuse and that's why we're paying about 50% increase in our healthcare premiums. I mean, the system, the way it's set up, it lends itself to abuse, waste, bureaucracy. And if we were paying $2.4 trillion in healthcare, I think $1.2 trillion is waste. It can be reduced. It can be eliminated.


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AIG ships billions abroad in bailout fraud

AIG ships billions in bailout abroad

Eamon Javers
Sun Mar 15

Billions of American taxpayer dollars used to bailout insurance giant AIG are flowing to some of the largest foreign banks in the world, according to new documents released by beleaguered company Sunday.

The revelation seemed sure to cause political complications for President Barack Obama and his economic team, already on the defensive Sunday over why they couldn’t stop AIG from doling out $165 million in bonuses to some of its top corporate officials – even as the company was receiving a massive infusion of taxpayer funds.

The documents AIG released account for some of the more than $180 billion in aid that AIG has received, and they detailed for the first time which financial firms are benefitting from the federal handout.
In all, AIG disclosed payments of $105.3 billion between September and December 2008. And some of the biggest recipients were European banks. Societe Generale, based in France, was the top foreign recipient at $11.9 billion, Deutsche Bank of Germany got $11.8 billion and Barclays, based in England, was paid $8.5 billion.

Here in the U.S. , Goldman Sachs received $12.9 billion. Edward Liddy, the government-installed CEO of AIG, sat on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs until he joined AIG.

He took the position while President Bush's Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson—who until joining the administration had served as Goldman's Chairman and CEO—arranged the insurance company's initial government bailout.

The disclosure of US taxpayer money going to foreign banks rankled some analysts. “These revelations raise serious questions about the extent to which U.S. taxpayers are being asked to bail out foreign banks,” said James Rickards, the Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, an applied research organization. “Why were French and German authorities not asked to pick up the tab for their portion of potential AIG losses?”

Political pressure is also building on AIG, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called on AIG executives to “renounce” their bonuses and refuse retention pay, and said that House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank would “examine options that are legally available to recover taxpayer funds of companies that abuse the privilege of taxpayer assistance.”

The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises has called on Liddy to testify before the committee on Wednesday.

That’s information that members of Congress and media outlets have been trying to get either AIG or the federal government to divulge since last year. The U.S. government now holds a majority stake in the bank,

AIG has resisted disclosure of the so-called "counterparties" who were at the other end of the firm’s complicated financial transactions. The company argued that such information was proprietary and private. And the Bush and Obama administrations also declined to divulge the information. But some in Congress pushed hard for it, insisting that taxpayers had a right to know which companies were benefiting from bailout money.

"Our decision to disclose these transactions was made following conversations with the counterparties and the recognition of the extraordinary nature of these transactions," said Liddy.

Additional reporting by Lisa Lerer.

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Organic Farming Delivers


Scientists Agree That Organic Farming Delivers Healthier, Richer Soil and Nutritionally Enhanced Food

March 03, 2009

Original source

BOULDER, Colo. – February 25, 2009 – Six encouraging conclusions on the impacts of organic farming on soil quality and the nutritional content of food were reached by a panel of scientists participating in a February 13, 2009, symposium at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The symposium was entitled "Living Soil, Food Quality, and the Future of Food" and was held as part of the largest scientific meeting of the year that spans all disciplines. The AAAS meeting was held this year in Chicago, IL.

The panel of scientists included Dr. Preston Andrews, Washington State University, Dr. Jerry Glover, The Land Institute, and Dr. Alyson Mitchell, University of California-Davis.

The "Living Soil, Food Quality, and the Future of Food" symposium was organized and sponsored by Washington State University and The Organic Center, based in Boulder, CO. The presentations made by the three panelists and other symposium information are posted on The Organic Center website.

Panelists Statement of Conclusions

A growing body of sophisticated research over the last decade has compared the impacts of organic and conventional farming systems on soil and food quality. Based on this body of research, some of it carried out in field experiments and laboratories, we can conclude that:

1. Studies of apple production demonstrate that organically farmed soils display improved soil health as measured by increased biological diversity, greater soil organic matter, and improved chemical and physical properties. Enhancement of soil quality in organic apple production systems can lead to measurable improvements in fruit nutritional quality, taste, and storability.

2. Organically farmed tomatoes have significantly higher levels of soluble solids and natural plant molecules called secondary plant metabolites, including flavonoids, lycopene, and Vitamin C. Most secondary plant metabolites are antioxidants, a class of plant compounds that have been linked to improved human health in populations that consume relatively high levels of fruit and vegetables.

3. Organic farming can, under some circumstances, delay the onset of the "dilution effect." In hundreds of studies, scientists have shown that incrementally higher levels of fertilizer negatively impact the density of certain nutrients in harvested foodstuffs, hence the name, the "dilution [of nutrients] effect." Specifically, tomatoes grown with organic fertilizers maintain constant concentrations of beneficial phenolic secondary plant metabolites and antioxidants, even as fruit grow larger, whereas concentrations of these same beneficial compounds decline with increasing fruit size when the same tomato cultivar is grown using conventional methods and fertilizer.

4. Studies of 27 cultivars of organically grown spinach demonstrate significantly higher levels of flavonoids and vitamin C, and lower levels of nitrates. Nitrates in food are considered detrimental to human health as they can form carcinogenic compounds (nitrosamines) in the GI tract and can convert hemoglobin to a form that can no longer carry oxygen in the blood.

5. The levels of secondary plant metabolites in food appear to be driven by the forms of nitrogen added to a farming system, as well as the ways in which the biological communities of organisms in the soil process nitrogen. Compared to typical conventional farms, the nitrogen cycle on organic farms is rooted in substantially more complex biological processes and soil-plant interactions, and for this reason, organic farming offers great promise in consistently producing nutrient-enriched foods.

6. Organic soil fertility methods, which use less readily available forms of nutrients, especially nitrogen, improve plant gene expression patterns in ways that lead to more efficient assimilation of nitrogen and carbon in tomatoes. This improvement in the efficiency of nutrient uptake leaves plants with more energy to produce beneficial plant secondary metabolites, compounds that promote plant health as well as human health.

Commenting on the well-attended symposium, Dr. Preston Andrews said, "The work we reviewed over the last decade points directly to two major scientific challenges. First, we need to understand more fully how soil biological communities process nutrients and communicate to plant roots in order to promote improved quality in organically grown crops. And second, we need better tools to help organic farmers fine-tune their production systems in order to maximize the soil and nutritional quality benefits of organic farming."

More Information

The three presentations made at the AAAS symposium are accessible on The Organic Center's website

The Organic Center's website contains a section on at "Nutritional Quality". Reports and presentations posted include the Center's March 2008 comparison of nutrient density in organic and conventional foods, and the "State of Science Review" entitled "Still No Free Lunch: Nutrient Levels in U.S. food supply eroded by pursuit of high yields." This September 2007 report describes in detail the genetic and physiological basis of the dilution effect.

About The Organic Center
The Organic Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2002. The Organic Center helps consumers, policy makers, researchers and the media understand the benefits that organic products provide to society.

The Center highlights credible, peer-reviewed scientific research about the human health and environmental benefits of organic farming. Through our work, we hope to promote the conversion of more farmland to organic methods, thereby bringing the benefits of organic food and farming to a growing number of people and a greater share of the American agricultural landscape. For more information visit, tel 303.499.1840.


For More Information Contact:

Charles Benbrook, Ph.D., Chief Scientist,
The Organic Center, 541.828.7918,

Preston Andrews, Washington State University, 509.335.3603,

Monsanto Kills Soil/Farmers

Monsanto's Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers

Institute for Science in Society (ISIS)
Press release 02-23-09

Biosafety refers to ensuring that GMO’s do not harm the environment or health.

The soil, its fertility, and the organisms which maintain the fertility of soil are a vital aspect of the environment, especially in the context of food and agricultural production.

A recent scientific study carried out by Navdanya, compared the soil of fields where Bt-cotton had been planted for 3 years with adjoining fields with non GMO cotton or other crops. The region covered included Nagpur, Amravati and Wardha of Vidharbha which accounts for highest GMO cotton planting in India, and the highest rate of farmers suicides (4000 per year).

In 3 years, Bt-cotton has reduced the population of Actinomycetes by 17%. Actinomycetes are vital for breaking down cellulose and creating humus.

Bacteria were reduced by 14%. The total microbial biomass was reduced by 8.9%.

Vital soil beneficial enzymes which make nutrients available to plants have also been drastically reduced. Acid Phosphatase which contributes to uptake of phosphates was reduced by 26.6%. Nitrogenase enzymes which help fix nitrogen were reduced by 22.6%.

At this rate, in a decade of planting with GM cotton, or any GM crop with Bt genes in it, could lead to total destruction of soil organisms, leaving dead soil unable to produce food.

The ISAAA in its recent release has stated that there are 7.6 mha of Bt-cotton in India. This means 7.6 mha of dying soils.

The impact of GMO’s on soil organisms is not commonly studied. This is a vital lacunae because Bt toxin crops such as Mon 810 corn or Bt-cotton or Bt Brinjal have serious impact on beneficial soil organisms.

The government of India is trying to grant approval to Bt Brinjal without Bio safety studies on impact on Soil organisms. The European Commissión is trying to put pressure on GMO free countries to introduce Mon 810.

The Navdanya study the first that has looked at the long term impact of Bt cotton on soil organisms is a wake up to regulators worldwide. It also shows that the claims of the Biotechnology industry about the safety of GM crops are false.

To get a copy of the report and for further information, please contact –

A-60, Hauz Khas
New Delhi – 110 016
Phone : 91-11-26535422 / 26532124
Email :
Website :

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Obama LIES

Obama LIES

"questionable", "flip-flop", "inconsistencies", "exaggerations", "distortion".... Are you KIDDING me??!

Say it like it IS...

Obama LIES, but do not take my say so .... Listen to the liar himself


This government's propaganda;
update 05-29-09 video

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American Banana Republic

Banana Republic... Anyone with reasoning capabilities left, think the definition in that link sound at all familiar to current events?

Anyone ever watch the 1965 movie Dr Zhivago set primarily against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent Russian Civil War of 1918-1920?

Check it out to see where we are heading. I am, without a doubt, sure that the people of that day and age had no idea either.

Oh and,... Have a nice day....


P.S. This comes out 3 days after I wrote this post... Go ahead, cut, paste and watch.
This is why I think the "unthinkable" ...

A Banana Republic By 2012? Change for the Worse

by Paul Craig Roberts
Mon, Mar 2nd, 2009 12:00:00 am

Original Source:

  • The only change we have from Obama and the Democrats is for the worse.
  • President [sic] Obama has presented the most irresponsible budget in US history. His fiscal year 2010 budget projects federal spending of $3.5 trillion and a federal deficit of $1.75 trillion. In other words, 50 percent of the government’s budget consists of red ink.

  • Obama’s budget deficit for 2010 alone exceeds the totality of “Reagan Deficits” for Reagan’s two terms of office. To whom can the US government turn for $1.75 trillion for FY 2010, on top of $1.2 trillion for FY 2009?

  • Obama’s “troop withdrawal” from Iraq has proved to be just another con job. The chances are high that the new White House Moron will have us at war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq.

  • Obama proposes cutting payments to Medicare providers. A country that can’t afford Medicare can’t afford National Health. The Obama budget puts bankster bailouts and pointless wars ahead of the health of the American people.
  • ...Americans whose incomes do not rise with the rate of inflation would be plowed under.
  • Obama’s plan to tax the rich is another con job. The rich are the banksters, such as Hank Paulson with his $160 million annual bonus, and heads of hedge funds with their $1,000 million annual incomes. To confuse the struggling middle class with the real rich is criminal.
  • Now Obama has sided with the Bush regime... on the rights of detainees at Bagram air base in Afghanistan,... denying habeas corpus rights to Bagram detainees.
  • “Earlier this month,” Yahoo News reports, “the Obama administration backed another Bush anti-terror policy when it urged a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Boeing Company of helping fly suspects to secret CIA detention centers overseas. The Justice Department said the case should be thrown out to protect state secrets.”
  • On February 26, reported: “The Obama Justice Department continues to stand behind a Bush era law meant to prevent lawsuits against telecommunications companies accused of illegally sharing private customer information with intelligence agencies. Do you remember the illegal spying?
  • The great danger to American civil liberty is that the US government regards as terrorists American citizens who realize that the neoconservative dream of American hegemony is a fantasy.
  • Did the Bush regime ever express greater arrogance and hubris? The US might not even make it to 2012 before it is a banana republic.

Full story

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Irradiated Food/Factory Farms Link to Illness/Death

Keep messing with Mother nature (or allowing the governmental agencies to) and see where you end up... Keep thinking this is not going to effect you and see where you or your loved ones end up... Still thinking this is all and only about cat foods??

Normally, I could care less about YOUR being personally ignorant, willfully or not. That perhaps even you are stupid, lazy, or careless to learn truth. Truth may not always have the kind of instant gratification people have become accustomed to. Truth is lost almost always to submitting to a quick fix, especially when governmental agencies are employed. BUT,...

It is YOUR ignorance that is effecting MY LIFE.

Wake up, or eventually die in your sleeping ignorance. This is only a tip of that iceberg...
  • "One theory is that gamma radiation, which reduces the food's nutritional value, destroys vitamin A, and the vitamin deficiency causes the nervous system problems."
  • Independent tests on the irradiated food have found "substantial reductions in vitamin A levels" and increased "production of oxidative by-products.
  • "I think there are good reasons to insist that irradiated food be properly labelled, whether it's for pets or people..."-veterinary surgeon Chris McClelland

Irradiation food links to feline illness

24/02/2009 4:00:00 AM

SOME Newcastle cats have been caught up in a bizarre case of alleged food-related illness involving Canadian pet food subjected by Australian Government rules to gamma irradiation.

Newcastle man Art Ryan said his two Burmese cats, Missy and Jake, began losing the use of their limbs some months after being fed the expensive Orijen brand cat food.

Manufacturer Champion Petfoods recalled the food last year but insists it isn't the meat that's to blame for the paralysis.

Rather, the company says it's the Australian Government's apparently unique irradiation procedures that have caused the problems.

Full story;


The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness

By Laura Sayre

Full story;

[A] 111-page report, two years in the making, outlines the public health, environmental, animal welfare and rural livelihood consequences of what they call “industrial farm animal production.” Its conclusions couldn’t be clearer. Factory farm production is intensifying worldwide, and rates of new infectious diseases are rising. Of particular concern is the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant microbes, an inevitable consequence of the widespread use of antibiotics as feed additives in industrial livestock operations.