Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mike Adams' advise, Diseases "Health"

The Greatest Disease of all; EGOTISM

With all that is going on in this world, how a self affirming saint can do what he has, is tragic....... Mike Adams charges, prosecutes, and sentences publicly without trying to resolve in private what originated as a mistake by another. Unbelievable behavior by any one, much less Mike, claiming to care so much about man-kind. Then ranting an ego driven tantrum.

This extreme and seriously unnecessary ugliness, let alone the direct harm caused to someone else is beyond criminal. A reader that obviously admired Mike for his outward appearances and began trying to help spread good information, has learned something else about Mr. Adams at a unneeded cost.

After having also read from Adams' site for quite some time, I found myself caught up for a while. However, I have seen good become rotten, narcissistic and spoil. I made every attempt to try and ignore the previously mounting egotistical attitude of Mr. Adams, even though I find this particular attribute in humans personally offensive. To say the least.

With this latest pungent B. S. spewing from the wrong end of Mr. Adams, I am compelled to write and share.

Now days after the initial public attack, there is no affirmation from Mike about Jason's sincerest apology and post reforms. Oh, but there is yet more convenient popularity propaganda for how "caring" Mike would have everyone think he is. "Damage control", Mikey?

Furthermore, Adam's comments section only allow the slobbering of praise at his feet, whereas Jason Cairn's comments section shows all comments- complimentary and NOT.

This is no small example showing real personal fortitude of both persons character.

I have gone from promoting Adams, to having disgusting contempt and losing all respect. Certainly, I will not return.

Previous post of a letter I sent to Mike. I, of course, never heard back from him and obviously made little difference in his posts attitude since.

So compelled, I will stoop to this level... You, Mikey, better fill in the blanks for I am sure you would have me brought up on charges of "copying" words you may have used in the past. Sorry, I can not link to the "original author". The original message applies- "F__k Y__!"

You want some more "originality" Mikey?? Here it is....


"I do not believe that Jason Cairns was being consciously malicious - unlike Mike Adams has been. Mike Adams instigated the violence [physical threats to Cairns] by writing the article encouraging people to harass Jason ["Let's have some fun with this guy, shall we?"] as well as publishing Jason's personal info."
-David Collins-
Mike Adams' Virtual Stoning of Jason Cairns


Speaking of "Con Artists", Mikey the Great...

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Patrick Wood said...

I still want any one to understand that this post was written regarding, in my opinion, a serious misuse of Mr. Adams' resources. I do sincerely find that he has the ability to help in HEALTH related topics and would be best at welcoming his followers to share (given credit). Business issues (as plagiarism) would never be made an "invitation" to personal attacks from him...