Monday, January 26, 2009

Inspector General and FDA Do Not Give a Damn

[The following post from fellow conscientious consumer, activist and watch dog, Susan Thixton, is yet another example of how our government, her agencies and her employed, does not give a damn.

Real concerns (usually regarding health or freedoms) backed by evidence proving laws (even The U. S. Constitution) are broken, do not matter any more.
Unless of course, you are too poor to cover it up or pay it off in bribes or unscrupulous lawyers. Then expect a five-finger prostrate exam... and thats if you are lucky.

Evidently, it seems once you are in position of power and/or have lots of money, NOTHING ethical matters. How to greedily continue to collect an outrageous paycheck or who can afford to pay you with bribes, does.
Words, integrity, promises and ever more blatantly, LAWS, mean absolutely nothing. Attitudes seem to be; "Push it under the rug,... No one has the money to do anything about that.... so just ignore them!!!"

America's Status Quo.... ever more disgusting me to the core of my being. I'm with you, Susan. Stuck and muted in a roofless hen house on ever rainy days.


Madder than a Wet Hen

by Susan Thixton Full story

Approximately six weeks ago, I wrote the Inspector General’s office in Washington D.C. regarding the FDA allowing some pet foods to violate Federal law. My second follow up call to them has left me very angry.

In November 2008, supporters of this website and myself wrote our Congressional Representatives in Washington to alert them to the FDA allowing some pet food manufacturers to violate laws within the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Each letter provided undeniable evidence to the Representative; yet not one Congressman/woman acknowledged the FDA crime. Furthermore, many of their responses bragged to their constituent about their work in Congress. However, once again, not one Representative addressed the content of the letter sent to them; it almost seemed like they didn’t even read it.

Because it’s pet food, no one of authority seems to care.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Truth about Pet Food
Petsumer Report

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