Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Connecting the Dots...

by Patrick Wood

Apparently, it seems, most aspects of our very existence is portrayed in some paint by numbers kit and invariably, an insidious group of strangers control the instruction key. These few people, are surely no friend and many times not even an acquaintance. Even more assured is that the "kit" most fumble with is not for our best interest, but theirs.

We, as a society, have become so sadly complacent that most are eager to be fed the dots and lines on our intangible canvass thought of as "reality". We sometimes get to pick from the most popular paint colors, thank you very much. Dots, lines, and even the choices of colors to choose from; given to us apparently because most of us think we lack the ability to "draw" on our own.

With evermore blatant frequency the "western societies" (particularly American public) are duped as they claw, greedy for the latest color "needed" to fill in a well laid schematic from someone else.

Specifically placed atrocities (long-term and short-term) dot history, generally by inducing public fear on misleading or false claims. This brings a panic,... a cry for someone in government or an agency to draw another safety line from dot-to-dot, ultimately cutting off more individual choices and freedoms.

Strangely, no large organized group rises up as these cuts are done in surgical precision response following panic of a "False Flag". Butchers separate seemingly small parts of a body (yet effect broad areas. IE, The Constitution, Human Rights, Health Care),... till we run out of organs to remove.

Or a diversion band-aid is placed on a failing cancerous belief (IE, the current monetary system), while never addressing the originating cause (IE, the Fed) and ending it. While further negative effects of little known future "dot placement" (IE, creation of a global central bank) is currently staged.

Most "first world" people then, are grasping greedily at worthless accrual, while blind. Gasping unaware for clean air and water while ignoring what is going into their mouth or veins. This is status quo.

Thus, killing millions of innocent in the name of (one person or group's individual idea of) "bringing peace" or "safety" by control of the masses is "acceptable". The words "genocide" or "slavery" (and their multitude in form and definition) is little thought of, if ever at all.

There are far too few individuals wishing to be peacefully in charge of their own personal mechanisms of basic life needs. Fewer still maintain the orientation, knowledge, and reason between the dichotomous forces telling one what is "NEEDED".

For us to even begin to really "see" what charts our possible portrait, recognizing and connecting the dots that lead up to the "Big Picture" is an important and time consuming first step. Few ever learn to walk from there.

Reflection is usually the sled system used when a virtual dream becomes the vivid construct nightmare in reality. However, one easy step could be studying historical data.

Hello, are you with me here? Because, this is important.... It many times involves information gathering on whom really has to benefit from past, current, and future "dot placement".

Taking this step requires effort beyond the comfort of your "I do not Want to know", workaholic 9-5 (worse yet, working more than one J.O.B.), pick-up the kids, eagerly absorbing propaganda (various mind numbing "entertainment", unending manipulating advertisements, useless and biased so called "news", to name a few examples) from a zombie box in the living room, and then, collapse till it is time to start all over again when the alarm goes off.

Interesting and descriptive word; "alarm"....

Yet increasingly people are gorging on dead food, GMO's, irradiated food, drinking poisonous water. You are breathing toxic air and taking pharmaceuticals for everything under the sun the drug industry can convince you is "wrong" with you. Furthermore, what you are feeding your pet, not to mention the toxic effects on all by the electrically unseen.

Could it be something I ate?
Is there something in the water?
Just noticing all those new transmission towers going up everywhere?
That is SOME brown cloud on the city today, huh?
Where is that countless tonnes per year of 10,000 year half-life nuclear waste going?
Where do you suppose all these new diseases are just popping up from "all of a sudden"?

What percentage of the thousands of new drugs are properly tested before release for public use?

Having a false trust of professionals and surroundings, perhaps? I say..., you should.

Fictional films such as this perspective of "1984", "Soylent Green", "The Pelican Brief", "The Net", etc, seem lost in our memories, or even laughed off as impossible, as we head toward a quite similar reality.

"These things can not happen...", we tell ourselves in fluffy, fru-fru, "new age", "positive thinking", self-assuring (denial) support. Support of that brightly colored egg on canvass we are made to think we have made, is real, and can trust.

Unfortunately, the mirror's reflection of reality is the only thing most people understand (if ever slapped in the face with it) - and that comes - after it is too late to make reasonable or effective difference. The illusion is already in place, out-lined dot by dot with your fear and approval. I dare say, your urgent pleading.

Further, colored in by general and rampant ignorance to logic or of truth. Signed, stamped and now controlled by "authority", with laws from it's framework of puppets that are staunchly defending the dots with propaganda. Do not dare to goof with the dots. Any discord or reason of question with dot status quo, no matter how crazy those dots are when closely examined, is eliminated in one way or another.

Not so long ago people that independently thought that the Earth was not flat, differing from the archaic contemporaries were publicly labeled with "heresy" or "lunacy" and thrown into the dungeons. OOPS, guess that still happens...

We have gone from "freedom of speech" to "free-speech zones and cages" and censorship in every area of imperative thinking (inaccurately put as "alternative" thinking), till we will soon find the dungeon resurrected. OOPS, those are being built as we speak.

People are corralled and detained for hours in the streets by un-identifiable police for nothing more than exercising the almost extinct right to congregate and safely protest, along with bystanders simply being in the "wrong place at the wrong time".

Do YOU ever wonder where we are headed while continuing day-to-day with a blind eye to the dots? Ever look beyond today's pointless "needs"? I say, more appropriately explained as your programmed "wantanous accumulation"?

What are all the new and perhaps, yet undefined and unapparent dots going to draw for the future? If "this or that" does not directly effect you, you are mistaken. The ramifications in continuing in the current manner of not paying any attention are disastrous.

"I pick my battles", you say? "Oh, this and that, does not effect ME".

So the trials of what is simply right or wrong are not important enough to merit your time for consideration? Be assured, some thing you believe in, some day will eventually be of "concern, dislike, or requiring strict control" from the mob mentality within a fascist style government.

Then who will stand by your side in protest? Certainly not any others like you, because now "this or that does not directly effect" them....

If you are not concerned, you are NOT paying attention. YOU are uninformed, ignorant. You are brainwashed by propaganda. Perhaps tired and lazy to the point that anything other than a popular "flat world" belief or what is corrosively put out on a corporate/government held media announcement, must be heresy of a lunatic.

Here is a classic example; I went to vote. At the no paper trail, electronic voting booth (I am supposed to just accept and trust is accurately counting). Come to find out they do NOT. I did not, however, see the person for whom I wished to vote FOR. I requested assistance from a "volunteer" (assuming they would know what to do).

This person looked me in the eye, straight-faced and told me that the only two showing on the screen were, and I quote, "the ONLY TWO PRESIDENTS AVAILABLE"!!! (Oh??...They are the "only two"? They are "Presidents" already? Why are they running then?...) Then she proceeded to argue all that, as fact. Finally, someone else who has not had their head buried in the biased TV set 24/7, came to my aid.

Yes, I know that the possibility of the person I wanted to win was remote. That is not the point.

POINT IS,... Huge numbers of the population believe the poisons pumped out on TV, way this person does, then ignorantly promote it as a fact. Thanks to a biased, sold out media which is one main very effective form of brainwashing, among others.

Thus, a dot put in place... all over the place. Over and over again.

Another huge example.

These episodes are painfully showing the reason WHY.

Individual ignorance on an enormously widespread scale. Brainwashing, by believing in bought and paid for puppets pushing propaganda out a box in your living room (now mandated by LAW to be HDTV... Why do the government care about your having a "better picture"?)... or printed in biased media, pushed by still other puppets making a living on it.

My suggestion is to put some dots under your microscope before jumping into the latest popular color schematic with it's associated "authorities" instruction key. Here is a scary thought; Do some research!!

Yeah, maybe think or question a little out-side the box. At the very least, consider the ravings of (if just for a moment) what anyone whom you may think a "lunatic", is trying to relate.

The Earth may not be "flat" after all.

You may have a bunch of dots that are putting together a picture of the future that is not what you have been led to believe, and less yet desire.

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