Friday, December 5, 2008

The most dangerous video, G. Edward Griffin and Unfiltered News

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why you feel depressed, and what you can do about it
by Mark Yannone

With great pleasure, I once again bring you Stefan Molyneux, whose 16-minute and four-second video is probably the most dangerous video on the Internet. It speaks for itself.

Stefan Molyneux on the illusion of freedom;

The most dangerous video on the Internet

To those with desire to learn and improve....

The following is only one of many by G. Edward Griffin offering educated incite put in words anyone can comprehend. The videos with this man (many available to view on "YouTube") are truly educational beyond anything I could add here. Invest in your knowledge and understanding of some truth, also here; ( Your return on that "investment" can only be improvement, individually (and hopefully) collectively.

G. Edward Griffin- On Individualism v Collectivism #1

more video here

Unfiltered News here;

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