Friday, December 19, 2008

The emergency is here


Thursday, December 18, 2008

The emergency is here

The time to act is now

by Mark Yannone


Today's economic problems -- and many others before these -- can be traced back directly to what the government did in 1913 when it violated the Constitution. Since that year, Americans have been co-conspirators of their own undoing and enslavement. We have had ample opportunities to correct this, and we always chose not to. Even now, this very instant, we refuse to save ourselves. Worse, we are committing a very sloppy suicide.

Could it be true? Are Americans too stupid to live?

On the off chance that a few brave Americans will take control before the train leaves the tracks and sails over the cliff, I offer this prescription.

1. End the income tax immediately. Tomorrow morning may be too late.

2. Replace ink-backed currency with asset-backed currencies, and close the Federal Reserve.

3. Release all political prisoners (including those with tax, drug, and prostitution cases).

4. Exit Iraq and Afghanistan before breakfast. We have no business there.

5. Recall the military from around the world. Remember, we can't afford ANY government at the moment.

6. Close all unconstitutional federal operations.

7. Sell the schools to the highest bidders, return the proceeds to the rightful owners, and discontinue all taxation and government involvement in education.

8. Bear in mind that you own yourself and all that you call yours. Don't forget it again.

9. Take every negative thought you have and bury it. You can't afford them either. You are out of choices and out of time.

10. Solve the remaining problems without distraction and without causing injury. The lessons of aggression and fraud are all around us, and they are perfectly clear to those who care to look.


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