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Divesting the FDA

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SUMMARY: Divesting the FDA of Food Authority
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It's been a year since an official Congressional study of the FDA said the FDA cannot fulfill its mission because

  • FDA's scientific base has been eroded
  • FDA's scientific organizational structure is weak
  • FDA's conflicts of interest with industry paying scientists for their opinions make objective science impossible
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The study found, in part, that the FDA is institutionally incapable of protecting the food supply. Nor, we believe, does it want to.

What's the natural solution? To protect ourselves and our foods (that is, our health) we must divest the FDA of food authority, just like the FDA was divested of authority over controlled dangerous substances a couple decades ago when the DEA was established. And we must do it now. For more see:

You know, of course, FDA is "down regulating" foods, including dietary supplements and natural remedies, while supporting dangerous drugs. How dangerous? Take a look at what the CDC, a unit of the FDA, published on this topic in 2007. Note that these statistics only go as far as 2004. Numerous separate studies show that the rate has increased dramatically since then.

The solution is clear because the situation is intolerable. Maybe it made sense to combine these functions when the agency was created early in the 20th century because most drugs were derived from foods. It no longer makes sense and the time to end this deadly conflict of OUR interests in now.

Click here ( to let your Congressional legislators know that you want them to support divesting the FDA of its food regulatory responsibilities. And let your contacts know that this is an important issue for you which you hope will be for them, too, by forwarding this email with a brief cover note urging them to get involved and sign up for the free, secure, Health Freedom Action eAlerts (

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