Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crazy Books, Dead Parrots and Paul's Logic

Warning: Books and dead parrots are bad for your health
by Craig J. Cantoni

"Thinking of reading a book? Thinking of giving someone a book for Christmas? Thinking of encouraging your children to read books?


Books are bad for one's mental health, especially if the books are on economics, history, and philosophy. I know, because I'm a raving lunatic from reading such books for most of my life.

To clarify, not all books on economics, history, and philosophy will make you crazy. For example, in my early twenties..."

A columnist and author of two books, Mr. Cantoni can be reached at


Ron Paul: Printing Money only Prolongs the Pain

See the video at the bottom of the above linked article. This is an example of Dr. Paul's educated "common sense" that can only be met with opposition from people who do not want to improve our country's, and thereby, our individual situations. People mired in laziness and ignorance along with those drugged from power, greed, or ego can perhaps hear, but will never listen.

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