Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I do not believe congress is listening.


I read all your notices and am a great admirer of what you try to do for our pet's health. I am so glad to see that many of your articles make their way into [YYYYYYYYY] reports, as these avenues reach so many people. Furthermore, I forward many of your postings to my blog site; (http://worthmotherearth.blogspot.com/)

I would be willing (and others more so, I am sure) to sign my name to an on-line petition, or make use of a well written form letter that could be e-mailed with individuals filling in their name, zip code or e-mail address-- like other action notices I have seen and used. "Ease of action" would, I think, be "better" for the well meaning, but unorganized, uninformed, confused or procrastinating person)... Let us all know through your notices of what can be done.

However, I have no idea what would be effective given the scope of the blatantly obvious governmental neglect and violations of not only this issue, but SO MANY others (not to mention deterioration of Constitutional rights and personal freedoms). I am on disability and can hardly afford to eat correctly or I would be funding the fight on so many levels. Perhaps this is the long standing fundamental problem in congress, indeed, America---Greed and the power of money. It is without fail, the poorest that have the least effect, and yet, the most to lose.

I do not believe congress is listening to the people. Not, at all...

My example to this... A clear and huge majority of the American people did not want this recent gambling crap shoot, "Bail-out" for the wealthy. Fact is, Congress was overwhelmingly flooded with e-mail and phone calls saying "NO",... Sen. Ron Paul tried to explain the negative economics of this disastrous idea... but they (majority vote) did it anyway. And now the "Bail-out" is failing. Who do you suppose will now have to pay for this mess??.... Certainly not the already wealthy fat cats that got "bonuses", "golden parachutes", and pension payouts from the bail-out. Not Bush or any other government official (their retirement funds are secure, by "law"!!).

I am so sorry to say, my mentor and fellow pet lover friend, Americans no longer stand up ENOUGH to fight injustice. (Bush is STILL in office, for Pete's sake). Diversity is used to separate us (rather than unite us in freedom of choice), making it easy to pick us off separately while most people think (this or that) "specifically does not effect me, so I don't care about it". I do not know if too many people are lazy, personally comfortable, afraid to say something, over-medicated, ignorantly poisoned, willfully apathetic, or just plain blindly stupid to see the way the U.S. is rotting away right in front of "We the people" who are supposed to be keeping it in line.

Still, people call me "crazy" and a "ranter",,, so what, really, is left to do?? Reason is obsolete. I am at a loss.

Patrick Wood

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