Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FDA Racket

Dear Friends,

I have been
personally affected by these forms of persecution, limiting my choice to use natural herbal supplements. The FDA has confiscated shipments of the supplements I choose to use to benefit my health. Then, they sent me a letter claiming "because they do not know what is in the bottles (even though they are clearly marked "Herbal Supplements"), they are "detained". Furthermore, they claim that "It appears like medicine" and because a United States Medical puppet (I mean, Dr.) did not "prescribe" them to me, I can not have them. The crown on top of the ass-hat that wrote the letter claimed that it was "in my best interest" and "for my safety"!!!!

Given all the FDA approved drugs that are KILLING people, I find this act of trying to prevent me from taking an all natural Chinese herb, enraging. I say to the FDA; "This is my body, stay out of my personal business of caring for it!!"

Please sign the petition at; and spread the word........

As note to the side... I find it very interesting "Blumberg" is
currently Deputy Chief Counsel, Litigation.


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