Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Pharma Pushing Pet Drugs

Higher Profits for Big Pharma Selling Drugs to Pets

Within the last few years, large Pharmaceutical companies have introduced several ‘people’ drugs into the pet field. Many new drugs from doggie Prozac to weight loss drugs are already approved by the FDA. For pharmaceutical companies to gain FDA approval for animal drugs, the costs are greater than 250 times less than that to obtain FDA approval of a human drug. Pet owners can safely assume many more ‘people’ drugs will soon be pushed to their pets.


Are Vets Next to be pressured by Big Pharma?

by Susan Thixton

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To a drug company, our pets are the perfect customer. They can’t complain about side effects, veterinarians are not familiar with Big Pharma’s high pressure tactics to get them to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe; and, drug makers don’t have to worry about any $1.4 billion settlement. The legal system doesn’t place any monetary value on our pets.

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