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Re: You Need To Believe Some Of The Things You Read!

Re: You Need To Believe Some Of The Things You Read!

Posted: 12 Sep 2008 01:21 PM CDT

Dear Friends,

Though I found the main message of the above (article linked) relevant and important... I most certainly do not support or endorse the writer of the article, David J. Stewart, or his website that is linked in the bottom paragraph: I regret that I did not Google his name or check those links more carefully before I posted this article. I am actually very upset about this.

"An it harm none, Do what you will."... Is a good "sum-up" for me.....

I do not support hypocritical, homophobic Jesus Freaks or religious zealots. I do not support most organized religions in general.

Hypocrisy, bigotry, discrimination, religious zealotry and hatred harms everyone. My experience has been that most members and leaders of organized religions end up there in one way or another. Still other "good people" are ignorant of the consequences of supporting such.

This guy (at fears a police state... then proceeds to judge and endorse dictating everyone's personal business - some things that have nothing to do with him. What exactly does he think a police state is?!?!? Typical American Christian wants freedom as long as it gets to define what that freedom is and gets to decide what it is for everyone else too. I guess a police state would be a heck of a lot easier for bigoted, hypocritical, Christians (or any other "religious rite") as long as bigoted, hypocritical, Christians (or any other "religious rite") get to BE the police. (Mocking George W Bush's statement, "A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier. So long as I'm the dictator." It's still amazing to me that Americans actually have a president in office that is allowed to get away with saying this. Further, allowing him to get away with saying the Constitution is "nothing but a Goddamn piece of paper"! Simply amazing and proves the point.)

I cannot support David J. Stewart just as I do not support Mark Dice of whom also spreads 911 Truth and resists the New World Order, things I do agree with. However, also believes that homosexuals have no rights because he "preaches" that they are an "abomination to God". Excuse me? I do not want for myself, the New World Order, but I also do not want the world that people like Mark Dice and David J. Stewart want either, which is just as bad. Organized Religion is EVIL... even created the term. Hands down. The majority of Christianity as practiced in this country is EVIL because it promotes division, bigotry, hatred and death. These are two faces of the same evil.

Allow me my own choices. Stay out of my bedroom and I'll stay out of yours. As long as I'm not hurting anyone, stay out of all my private business and as long as you are not hurting me, anyone else or the planet we share, I'll stay out of yours. (So many are contributing to the pain of others and the planet. So many don't even realize it because they are so busy trying to fill their own empty lives with as much cash and material crap as they can that they cannot see what they are doing to the people and environment around them.) Keep your f*cking ignorant personal morality and religion of fear to your f*cking self!! Stay off my porch with your book binded story of your personal disillusionment's. I do not knock at your door to promote (and "convert" you into) being gay, getting back to nature or pushing paganism.

If you want to eat irradiated, GMO food grown on polluted soil depleted of natural nutrition and drink poisoned water, HAVE AT IT. If you do not mind that nuclear power plants pump out tonnes of 10,000 year half-life carcinogenic waste, line YOUR walls with it. At the very least, give me the choice not to!

I apologize to those offended by posting links to such extraneous crap. I should have checked those specific links before posting, as I normally do. I'm sure you'll get over it. But the basic story is full of truth.

I will also say that this will most likely be my last email to anyone receiving this directly. Unless you are subscribed by email to one of my blogs or you contact me directly (which you are welcome to do) you won't hear from me again, though I may also discontinue my blogs along with my website at some future date. I need to refocus my efforts in a different direction. Furthermore, it is all to blatantly apparent like the article this email references says:
"The average American citizen is woefully complacent, living comfortably, and could care less what is going on"...
"Care less", until the Police State comes banging down their door to drag them off to a detention camp for a differing (maybe even the original) thoughts of personal inherent inalienable rights and CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS. Perhaps, when the "average American" children are forced to take toxic pharmaceuticals and deadly vaccinations... OOPS, sorry, already there... When any "authorized federal agency" makes it almost impossible to find and eat real fresh food or drink clean water... OOPS, sorry, already there... When the government or the "religious rite" of some group's bigoted zealous belief wants to make something YOU are doing in, with and for your personal life "illegal"... then it will be too late.

I will also say that I do not believe that the majority of Americans are "living comfortably", but have been placed (and believing) in a position of being so busy chasing the ever more and more worthless dollar, just to survive (or worse, for insatiable want and gluttony). The ever widening gap of "haves" and "have nots" creates no time to look up and question what is really going on. I am convinced this is being purposely perpetrated through brainwashing. Constant propaganda in every hour of every day. On the street, in the work place, on the TV and especially by the government. Do you think China is alone in this effort?

However, there are also those who merely worship the almighty dollar ("God" to too many in this country now). Spending all their time chasing after meaningless crap and greedy affluence and power over others... and then more crap and more crap... consuming beyond what is actually necessary, thinking this will somehow fulfill them, make them better than... well, you. Subsequently making it so that they don't have time for any Truth and History books are rewritten to fit what is wanted to be believed rather than what was. It's all about the brainwashing. I've seen people who are so desperate for a dollar that they don't care about family, friends, neighbors, the Earth or even their own health. The bottom line is money. Money has become God.... Why do you think it says "In God We Trust" on our money? Because that's what they want you to believe... God is Money, thus, is all you "can trust"! When you associate God with money then you worship money. It's only part of the western society's endless brainwashing scam on Americans.

It's time for me and mine to focus on our own survival. Sadly, we have to stop hoping that America will wake up and stop acting as if everything is OK. Things are clearly NOT OK in America. If you're not paying serious attention and asking questions at this point, then I'm not sure what it will take. Perhaps because the chemicals have been ingested for so long and the programming from the paid for bias media has been entrenched in your brain, there is not much that can be done.... You'll just drink some more fluoride and aspartame (among countless other poisons). Eat some more genetically altered and carcinogenic foods. Pop some more pharmaceutical drugs, immerse yourself in the propaganda involved in mindless television with advertising for further over consumption and dream of having lots and lots of money, some day, while you serve your masters and make them richer and more powerful over your freedoms, while you live an illusion that you are.

To those already "awake" and ahead of us understanding these realities.... We ask help for more specific information. However, we have some special considerations; We are POOR, living below the American "poverty level". We have been branded as "HIV positive" and we are on disability (for as long as that lasts... the dollar is failing quickly, perhaps followed by social frameworks. Seemingly, the powers "in charge" are purposely bankrupting this country). We are not invalids, however. We have several cats (our kids) that we will not abandon. We are preferring areas in South America and specifically attracted to Ecuador, but are definitely open to hearing about other countries. We choose these areas because the cost of living being substantially lower would allow us to breathe fresh air, eat and drink in more healthy ways. Furthermore, the societal structure is more laid back and the climate has no extremes. Gardening would be a relatively effortless possibility. If there is anyone out there (that has been successful at doing so) who can help us in any way about safely retiring out of the country, we would be very grateful to receive it. Any aspect,... from examples of specific documents, to things, people, or policies to "watch out" for, to people that can help, to economical and safe transporting of animals, or any myriad of subjects we may not even be aware.

Good luck to you and yours, and thanks.

David and Patrick




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