Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Never to Late to Punish Criminals

Shall any man be above justice? Above all shall that man be above it, who can commit the most extensive injusfice? (sic)

George Mason (Founder) advocating for impeachment at the Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia, 1787

On July 23, 2007, 400 impeachment advocates lined the halls of Congress near John Conyers' (D-Mi) office advocating for impeachment. We delivered over one million signatures to him that had been collected by and The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee not only did not concede to our demands, he had 50 of us arrested for escalating our demands into a sit-in. [Photo]July 23rd was also the date that we gave Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) as a deadline to put impeachment back, not on her "table," but in the Constitution. "Impeachment" is mentioned six times in our republic's founding document, but "God" or "Faith based initiatives" are not mentioned once. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh) has courageously introduced impeachment articles against the criminals, George Bush and Dick Cheney, and we have a short time now to show the executive branch (and the complicit members of the legislative branch) that they are not above the law and that no one can abuse our Constitution and/or commit our young people to die and kill innocents in wars for profit based on lies and greed. George Bush and Dick Cheney are not only a stain on this republic, but they are a disease to humanity and we must demonstrate to the rest of this rapidly shrinking planet that Americans can also hold their leaders accountable. Accountability is imperative if we want true peace and healing. Rep. Kucinich would like to deliver one millions signatures to Nancy Pelosi on September 10th: the day before the seventh anniversary of the day when BushCo began their demented war of terror in a tragic mis-response to the tragedy of 9-11. He has asked Cindy for Congress and our supporters for his help. Please sign Kucinich's petition and pass it on to your friends, familiy and colleagues. Please donate to Cindy for Congress so we can keep the pressure on and get our pro-peace and pro-humanity message out to the voters in California's 8th district. It's not enough to name a sewage plant after George Bush. Do it for the millions who have been killed, tortured, jailed, impoverished and displaced from the Gulf States to Iraq and all points in between.

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