Thursday, August 21, 2008

So many topics... lets leave out the discrimination

As anyone would guess, Of the many sites I like [Ending January of 2009], I am [was] very much a fan of Mike Adams-"The Health Ranger" at; However, I must speak to anyone that might affix my personal sentiment with all the information regarding his articles. I believe there is no room for discrimination of race, gender, sexual preference, etc... when it comes to the issues related to health concerns, causes, and possibility of improvement. The underlying conditions that effect us all are basic, though there are some problems more specific, generally, to certain people in our population. Attention to all the diverse issues are included. Only one such example as: "breast cancer" is general to women, however, can be found, to lesser extent in men.

Dear Mr Adams and Gregory Kunin,

I have been reading your columns for some time. I want to say how much I find the basic foundation of various information revealing and helpful. I like the way you are able to reach so many people. I agree with most everything you have to offer, from countless hours of research conclusions of my own. Many of your articles I share with others in an attempt to help with education of people, all people. Most effort, as yours, is to counter the ignorance stemming from atrocious propaganda that seems prevalent in modern society.

In several of your articles, though well written and informative in foundation, you have seemed to be very adamant and pointed in your insistence to include that particular problems are ALL ABOUT RACE. I find this old rhetoric clumsy, sad and unfortunate because the real BIG picture is the over-ruling, greedy industries, governmental agencies, and their paid puppets misleading, out right lying, and effort to enslave masses of ALL people (on many levels; financial, experimental, or otherwise).

Key to my point is; BOTH SIDES of this criminal and unfortunate reality involve persons of ALL RACES and GENDER. There are men, women, Black, Asian, Indian, White, etc.. in all these industries and at all levels. I have NOT contributed to the sharing of many otherwise excellent articles, based on this specific (and I feel serious) problem alone. Race or sex is NOT the issue of ill health stemming from varied toxicological problems faced by ANY person. Some may be too poor to get proper water and nutrition while others may be simply ignorant of unbiased facts or "alternative" care coupled with proper current (and age old) information. I would agree that in many cases these overlap, but not conditional (as some of your writing implies) only to race/sex. We are all targeted-our pets too.

I am saddened that for someone seeming to have so much reason, capability, and influence in many areas, race (unnecessarily) has to enter ANY issue any more than looks or hair color. The issues at hand in your column are, in fact, capable of effecting any-and us all. The racism only divides total people effected, confuses core issue of innate cause and prevention with seeming race/sex alone, and possibly incites anger toward a great many "Whites" that are after all, "on your side".

My suggestion (and hope) is for the wonderful aggression that fuels your "fire" in sharing truth in information and exposing problems and possible solutions, not be tainted by any race, gender issue. That the basic issues such as health topics, toxic effects, causes and prevention be explained. That personal ego, individual, governmental and corporate entities of financial greedy and power hungry, needless criminal control of personal choice in care and availability of natural products be attacked and exposed, no matter from whom, what color or sex it stems.

Sincerely, Patrick Wood

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