Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Dead Animals (FDA) to pet food

FDA Gives Pet Food a Loophole to By-Pass Law
The law specifically states no diseased animal or an animal which has died other than by slaughter is allowed for use in food. Enter the FDA looking out for the interest of some pet food manufacturers. Our FDA friends have provided an official loophole to allow pet food to by-pass the law.
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Unacceptable FDA Warning Letters
I subscribe to several FDA warning and recall email lists; the warning letters issued by the FDA have caused me some concern. The last several lists provided by the FDA of warning letters have each contained warnings issued to livestock producers - folks who provide meat producing animals for human and pet consumption.
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Truth About Pet Food August 2008 Newsletter

I think the goal should NOT be to bad mouth any particular pet food manufacturer or type of pet food (kibble, can, home cooked, raw). The goal for me personally is to educate pet owners to an understanding of pet food ingredient definitions and let each decide for themselves which pet foods are right for their own pets. If you or anyone you know can help me with sharing the ‘truth' please contact me. I need all the help I can get; thanks.Wishing you and yo! ur pets the best, August2008TruthNewsletter.asp

Results from July Newsletter pole question...
Would a 'pet food ingredient information system' influence your pet food purchases?

215 Votes
Yes, it would influence my purchase - 97%
No, it would have no influence - 1%
Maybe - 2%

Discouraging News from Veterinary Medical Association Meeting
Recently the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) held its annual meeting; reports of the topics discussed are discouraging. Per an article reported in several veterinary speakers clearly continue to support major pet food manufacturers.
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Oh where oh where can the by-products go?
Could risky meat by-products be turned into energy?
No it's not that I have gone to reporting on energy these days. But I have discovered a possible means for the inferior garbage that gets dumped into pet food to be turned into valuable energy. Something that seems to be a far better method to discard of left over animal waste materials than becoming dog food or cat food ingredients.
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Do you monitor litter box or back yard deposits?
As much ‘fun' as it is to clean the litter box or pick up the ‘land mines' in the back yard, the clean up provides you with an opportunity to monitor your pet's health. The trick is to first learn what normal elimination behavior is, and then any changes in normal are an early alert to a possible problem.
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Greatest American Dog Reality Show
If you haven't watched the newest reality show - The Greatest American Dog - you should. Besides the judges who seem to think acting like Simon Cowell of American Idol is cool, it's a great show. My favorite contestant team is Bill & Star. It's a joy to watch how much they love each other - they have a mutual worship.
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