Saturday, August 16, 2008

Discriminatory 1913 Statute Repealed

Thank goodness somewhere there is reason, logic, and fairness.... Check out this short video; "Equal means equal" - Governor of Massachusetts.

I wrote to him in thanks:

Dear Gov. Deval Patrick,

I want to send "thanks" whenever I read stories of governing officials that stand up for what is just plain "right". At 50 years now, I have grown up with the disdain and hate prevalent in society towards me just because I was born "gay-side" of the sliding scale of sexuality. Some people are born like me, some are "straight", some find themselves somewhere in between. Bigotry, discrimination, ignorance and religious zealotry have no room to dictate a gay person's rights to be "equal" in America. Though I and my partner do not live in your fine state, I wanted to applaud your decision in support of gay rights. We truly hope that someday everyone will understand that being gay is not a "choice" of who we are, but rather a choice we do not deny or hide it for the misguided beliefs of someone else. After all, no one "gay" is trying to force a "straight" person to be gay, nor or we trying to limit any one's rights to live in peace and happiness.

Patrick Wood (Texas)

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