Wednesday, August 27, 2008

AMA control of what you can or cannot have

More propaganda placed in media by, who-else?

"researchers" supporting the Journal of the American Medical Association...

Oh, what a surprise... Not.

The article claims; "In three years it will be illegal to sell unlicensed herbal remedies but that still does not apply to manufacturers outside the UK."
It will only follow elsewhere, if allowed. What this covert propagandist and biased mind game is ultimately heading to is regulation followed by patenting of ALL otherwise natural substances (herbs, minerals and vitamins) with more control over your individual right to choice of health care "products" you wish to use. It is a monetary corporate greed induced scare tactic, at best. A conspiracy to control population and health through nutrition, at worst. Just like the supposed SINGLE pepper "found" with salmonella. (How do you locate a single pepper in a million dollar industry, if not PUT there?) Previous to that, the unsubstantiated scare on tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, etc... to force by frightening (and thus, get people to allow) radiation of food. Why is this action which causes physical molecular changes and phyto-nutrient depletion of those natural foods more considerable than correction of the cause?? Money and ignorance. Aside from concern for others in general... I guess what pisses me off is that I and my family have not the ready available choice to avoid these. We can not escape eating and thus, the effects of these nutritionally ruined or depleted food and herbs... other than grow it ourselves.

"...80 reported cases of lead poisoning in the world through such remedies in the past 30 years." What???
lets count how many people are killed just in ONE "developed" country over just ONE YEAR; by medical doctors, hospitals and the medicines they push. REALLY interesting to consider ... the fact is (though lied about, not told, even hidden or down-played); Pharmaceuticals are infinitely more dangerous in most every way conceivable. Hands-down, no debate.

Save it for the sheep... I do not buy it.

article from;

Indian herbal medicines queried

Herbal medicines

A fifth of Indian herbal medicines sold on the internet contain potentially lethal substances, according to a new study in the United States.

The study at Boston university analysed 193 products and found that 20% of them contained lead, mercury or arsenic.

Herbal medicine has been used in India for thousands of years and is growing in popularity in the West.

The researchers said their findings showed that there should be stronger control of herbal supplements.

Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, lead researcher Dr Robert Saper said there was some evidence that herbs used in ayurvedic (Indian herbal) medicines could help against diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

"But the key thing is we need to separate out what's helpful and.... what needs to be looked at and perhaps set aside," he added.

"Our first priority must be the safety of the public. Herbs and supplements with high levels of lead, mercury, and arsenic should not be available for sale on the internet or elsewhere."

The researchers discovered the presence of toxic metals in ayurvedic medicines made both in India and the US.

Two types

Some of the tested products, they said, would result in eating toxic materials as much as 10,000 times more than acceptable levels.

According to the study, there are two types of ayurvedic medicines.

One of these combines herbs with metals, minerals and gems, and its proponents argue it is safe when properly prepared and administered.

But Dr Saper said there had been more than 80 reported cases of lead poisoning in the world through such remedies in the past 30 years.

The UK has already started a registration system for herbal medicines.

In three years it will be illegal to sell unlicensed herbal remedies but that still does not apply to manufacturers outside the UK.

In 2005, the British drug regulator said toxic materials in herbal medicines could cause severe nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain and, in extreme cases, even lead to kidney damage, convulsions and coma.

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