Saturday, July 19, 2008

Worth The Earth 2: Natural supplements

Patrick here with info regarding part of the start, fighting those in "Big Pharma" for our personal rights to use natural vitamins and mineral supplements. The REAL effort being shown here is that "greed monster" again. If they take away relatively inexpensive natural supplements, then they can force you to "buy" a prescription for an expensive synthetic (with God knows what side effects) from a "medical Dr."... and that is if HE deems it to your best interest! Oh and as for the second issue in this letter.... Being FAT is not a "disease" it is ignorance and lack of self control. Sheep and cattle..... STOP ABUSE OF "FDA" CITIZEN'S PETITIONS! Let us think and choose for ourselves. If you are not too busy, you could do as follows....

Representative Pete Sessions
U.S. House of Representatives
1514 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0001

Dear Representative Sessions,

I'm writing you today regarding two different drug company's
Citizen Petition to the FDA: (1) Medicure Pharmaceutical's
Citizen's Petition Request to Ban Vitamin B6 as a Dietary
Supplement (FDA-2007-P-0410-0002) and (2) GlaxoSmithKline's
Citizen's Petition Request that Weight Loss Claims Be Designated
as Disease Claims (FDA-2008-P-0248-0001).

I have just learned that over the last six months two
pharmaceutical companies have submitted requests to ban certain
dietary supplements through the Food and Drug Administration's
(FDA) Citizen Petition process. I request that the FDA reject
these requests and that Congress address this disturbing trend
of drug companies manipulating the system and the FDA.

Medicure has requested that the agency ban the marketing of
dietary supplements containing Vitamin B6 because they have a
drug in development whose active ingredient is pyridoxal
5'-phosphate (P5). Medicure suggests that P5P is a new dietary
ingredient, which is subject to pre-market approval
requirements. However, within their own documents, they admit
that P5P is a naturally occurring molecule. It has in fact been
a part of the human diet well before the 1994 passage of the
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and
therefore is exempt from the New Dietary Ingredient pre-market
notification requirements. While I appreciate the $60 million
investment that Medicure has made into the development of a new
drug, I do not believe their drug development should restrict my
access to P5P as a dietary supplement. Vitamin B6 is essential
to good health.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in a round-about maneuver appears to be
trying to ban the marketing of dietary supplements for weight
loss and thus eliminate the competition to its over-the-counter
drug Alli. GSK has asked the FDA to declare weight loss claims
as disease claims. A healthy diet, physical activity, and an
informed use of dietary supplements is a safe and effective
method of achieving healthy and lasting weight loss. GSK's move
to restrict Americans' access to dietary supplements and quality
information on the label is counter to the promotion of wellness
strategies. Further it is an attempt on their part to restrict
free speech and curtail the sharing of information about product
uses between manufacturer and consumer.

As an American who includes dietary supplements in my approach
to health and wellness, I request that you place the rights of
consumers ahead of the desires of industry and protect my
freedom to access dietary supplements. Please reject both
Medicure's and GSK's attempts to manipulate the FDA and the
marketplace through their Citizen's Petitions.

Patrick Wood

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