Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, you say you love your pet

My friends,

So, you say you love your pet? You play with them, give them hours of love and attention and they reciprocate. These actions are responsible and self evident as would be the evidence of abuse is difficult to deny.

But, are you finding a "convenient" or "bargain" food to pour out hastily into their bowl during your busy day? Do you think that you are giving them the benefit when it comes to the most nutritious and health promoting diet? What is even in the available "expensive brands" of "natural" or "balanced and complete" gourmet gruel or strangely symmetrical chunks you may systematically throw your dollars into?

"The dog likes it.", is enough to dispel any hesitation, right? Even the finicky cat has a favorite.... Remember though; a child generally given the opportunity, will choose candy and greasy fried foods over a salad or veggies. Reading the labels, everything sure SOUNDS like is "good".

Why then, does the FDA ("Federal Disastrous A-swipe") and sadly the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials – organization responsible for all animal feed manufacturing rules and regulations) not want us to know exactly what these attractive sounding culinary delights with "by product" or "meal" contain? The answers to this have led me to the end result that..., what I started doing for myself, l now do for my pets.

I Buy (or grow my own) Organic, raw (cooking and high heat as used by commercial pet food processes, cause loss in total available and system usable nutritional value) ingredients that are Non-GMO, with No; "enhancing" additives, "hydrated solution", antibiotic, pesticide, "meal", "by product", soy gluten, wheat gluten, corn gluten, "animal fat", "animal digest", BHA, BHT, TBHQ, Ethoxyquin, and hormone, (I could go on, there is more). In short make their food myself.

At first the food preparation took time and there is initial financial outlay to assimilate proper ingredients. It was initially, difficult and messy. But through practice of repetition and changing process "steps", it has become no inconvenience for the health of my beloved pets. I must admit, I have found it easy to make large amounts that can be separated into 2-3 day allotments and frozen till needed, thus, always fresh.

I have "experimented" with different flavors and blends to find "favorites" of our particular masses. Now, sided with the report from my vet who is open to ideas "outside the box" (I had to use the pun), my pet's personal beneficial evidence is clear.

If you care to look (and I would not be writing if I did not think you should), there are articles of investigation examining what you are likely to be feeding "Spot" and "Fluffy". Prepare yourself, the information is NOT widely publicized or complementary of most all commercial pet foods available. Here is one place to start

As possible solution to the problem, I would highly recommend the book Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats by, Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD. I have been following the recommendations of this book as closely as I can for a while now. In it, are natural, healthy recipes and a wealth of information you won't get from a can, bag, most vets, or news agency.

Further, the FDA and AAFCO will not even enforce clear "labeling". Equally disturbing is (like human medical doctors), most DVM's may not know, or worse, some may not want you to know - given that it increases their income through illness of your pet and increasing reliance upon their services and specialized products and drugs.

I just gave my new DVM (at her request!) the information so she could get this book for the valuable information it contains. Upon examining my pets, she noted how "extremely good their coats look", color and condition of the teeth, gums and eyes, and more importantly, they have recovered from variety of symptomatic and chronic health issues some of them previously had, to a healthful ("excellent" was her word) state.

If you do not "have the time" to make it yourself, there are, though not many, "online" individuals that offer safe, natural, organic food for your faithful companion. There are some store bought brands "better" than others. You will be doing a lot of reading before you find a good one - if you can. Fact is though, if it is "processed commercially", there is a good chance that what ingredients were healthful are now diminished or missing altogether and what is in it, should not be.

Convenience, time, effort, and health are involved. Question is; Is it Worth Mother Earth or her inhabitants?


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