Monday, July 21, 2008

A reflection from the 4TH of July

My Dear friends,

I wrote this during the holiday that seems to have lost most of the meaning it once had:

Thank G-d we are liberated from tyrannical greedy governments ...umm... well ...

I realize you all want to "relax" and may not want to hear from me about such issues as the information and site I offer you to look at, listed at the bottom of this note. For all of us, take note.... and be aware my seeming hostility, is truly "care".... in much the same way that founding father's "hostility" made this holiday occur. Difference is that back then more people were "aware" of the more obvious (less hidden) problems facing them....

Keep in mind this is only the "tip of the iceberg". While looking at this helpful and informative site, notice the names of the "institutions" (company) that are in control of YOUR life's necessary food supply. Look them up, I dare you--(if you are not too busy looking at silly pictures or other distractions of useless, temporary and "amusing" wastes of time). Then look at the "product" and become aware and educated in the near endless areas these are right now, being "possessed" into your food.

This is occurring in a variety of ways (and currently "legally" done so) with out your even being informed. The FDA, USDA and our own government (unlike some other countries) will not even enforce LABELING of these synthetic substances on the foods we consume... and feed those we supposedly care about.

They want you, first of all not to notice, then the ones that do notice are branded as "conspiracy nuts" and everyone else is told these things are "safe"!! Sheep go on about convenient, "busy" or (worst of all) "I just do not want to know" life and believe it. Ever pay attention to the sheer number of things "pulled" from the shelves? Have a tomato or pepper lately?? Do you hesitate at all in the grocery isle? Go ahead.... Oh, by the way, are you still drinking the tap water?....

Do not be fooled into thinking that an "engineered" food (GMO) is harmless to humans (or in your pet's food). Be warned: they are LYING to your face to say there are NO long term effects... "known". That really means "ADMITTED TO" because there are studies showing the adverse effects of this crap being produced for monetary greed. Stop for one moment .... consider why so many new diseases, syndromes and ailments are "suddenly" effecting human and animal life??

Share these sites with others. Make the time to KNOW. Ask me. Do not "bury your head in the sand" fear or willful ignorance. Do not be so unenlightened as to think this does not effect you! We know that there IS ANOTHER WAY. Impress that on others. Insist on change and start in your own home. If it's "costs" are a little more in areas of convenience, re-education, up front financial out lay, or simply courage facing unfamiliar (or scary) territory, the long term consequences for health and Mother Earth are far better-hands down.

If you have read this far, thank you. My hope is that we can make a difference for the future. Not only for ourselves, but those that will follow.

Most sincerely,

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