Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is your head buzzing? Worth The Earth 3

    Patrick here...  Though this is not new, David and I have been unplugging and turning off stuff because of reports just like these.  We even found, after taking our beautiful and "loaded" (pun intended) new microwave to the trash, there is life (literally*) without the microwave!  We have found the society induced thought that we had to have it's convenience's were simply unfounded and unnecessary.

*A note about microwaves you may NOT have known (of course, the makers and suppliers would not want to tell you either)....  aside from the reasons in the following article, they change the molecular structure of whatever you put in them.  The ramifications of this are that the chemical molecular make-up of the food is now altered and "deformed".  Furthermore, these new "synthetic alterations" are not only less used by and therefore less useful to the body, but have many times been show to have carcinogenic properties not presented by the nature of the "raw food" prior. 

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