Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hegelian Principal, Sound at all familiar?

Think now... The methods explained further in the attached examples (at the bottom) have been used more times than Elizabeth Taylor has been married....

What happens here is; (Step #1) a physical and emotional "disaster", claimed by our government or vested interested party to have been caused by "false flag" (examples; "terrorists", or a "Virus").

Then, (Step #2) the fabricated "story" (usually twisted truth or out right lies... ) run endlessly in print and (more plausibly dramatic) visually on the "news", supported by dimwitted drones and paid puppets (propaganda).

Thus, (Step #3) a solution (examples; "war on terrorism", or "war on Aids") to rally the general public (ignorant of the truth) to let the government (and all agencies at her disposal) "do anything necessary". Create the outcry to "save us"

In doing so, "We the people...", loose more rights, freedoms, and health to a government of criminalization and fascism through dictatorship of relatively few greedy, power hungry psychopaths.

Ummm, ... did I say that out loud?


Mind Control example

Economic example

Education example

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