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Recycle Light Bulbs/Other Hazards in Household

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Why is it that most corporations ("First Worlders" leading the way), are so Hell bent on greedy money making at the expense of future health ramifications to all inhabiting our planet???

Is it worth mother Earth??? Are we so low intellectually, and morally? The article that prompted this post exemplifies diversion from deeper issues (greed and toxic pollution).

Here is what I propose on this specific example, along with some generalities.....

Thanks to Home Depot (article at the bottom) for this relatively easy way to supposedly "get rid" of all these new (and widely unknown dangerous) fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs....

Problems are: (In general; Public support from ignorance, or Lack of proper support)

1). These carcinogenic bulbs should not even be on the market! They are
dangerous to health and environment... from producing them, to disposal.

Fluorescent Lamp Study Report
EPA on Spills and specific site clean-up facts
How to Properly Dispose of Hazardous Products

2). Not even one fraction of the un-laziest people will take advantage of this program or
make the effort, (Reality check; How many people you know recycle? Okay, how about when
it is convenient? How many properly recycle everything possible and at what ever personal
discomfort it takes?). What about you?

3). (For this isolated story) I used to WORK at Home Depot (5 years). I know the ways the
management "operate", mostly, lack there of. However, attention to a bigger issue is
appropriate here.

Answer to this example problem:

1.) First, Do not buy fluorescent bulbs!!!
Stop supporting any system that is wrong!!

2.) CFLs should be disposed of properly so landfills aren't polluted. Take the ones you have to
H D and accept their offer to recycle. WHAT they really will do with them aside, you gave it
your best and H D (if not "responsible") is now at least "liable" for their actions.

3.) To really "save" in all respects, Buy this... There are new LED bulbs available mostly
"on-line". (As of this date H D does NOT carry them). These bulbs offer even longer life and
greater energy savings than the poisonous mercury filled. Superior in every way to the
(still available everywhere) antique bulb that Edison (1847-1879) built in 1878!

Non-toxic, easy to recycle and even greater efficiency rating-making them cost less (financially and environmentally) over the life of the bulbs. Oh sure, they do cost a little more up-front to purchase. However, for a bulb that may out live you while greatly saving energy and the health of the environment..... I say pinch an inch and gain a yard.

People supporting any "bad" systems at any level, are the ones responsible for all of us having to live in this nightmare of toxins.

In general, Pay attention to Whom has to gain What. This alone, can disclose allot.

Learn how to Recycle. It is becoming more important than you may think.

It is our individual efforts to do what is right that are....
Worth Mother Earth

For product examples, check out;

(I do not receive financial benefit to promote these sites. They are examples of many sites you can look up.)



Home Depot Offers Recycling for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Published: June 24, 2008
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Some big retailers are promoting compact fluorescent light bulbs as a way to save energy. But improper disposal of the bulbs creates a hazard, because they contain small amounts of mercury.


Fluorescent Bulb Break Creates Costly Hassle
by Nick Gosling
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On March 13, Brandy Bridges was installing some of the two dozen CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs she had purchased in an attempt to save money on her energy bill.

One month later, though, Bridges is paying much more than she had ever expected to.


Five recycling mysteries solved!

By Lori Bongiorno
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Wondering what to do with your stash of old batteries or the cans of unneeded paint taking up space in your garage? You know you shouldn't throw them out, but it really is time to get rid of them. Here's how.


On Proper Disposal of Medications...

Proper Disposal of Your Medicine...What a Mess
Suzy Cohen, R.Ph.

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"What on Earth are people supposed to do with unwanted or expired medications?

Many homes in America have constructed mini-pharmacies, yet the drugs—deemed safe for humans—are not safe enough to put into the garbage or the toilet anymore because it’s an environmental hazard. No doubt."

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